Russia launched a mysterious reconnaissance plane Tu-214R into the conflict in Ukraine

The special mission of the mysterious reconnaissance plane Tu-214R in Ukraine has just been predicted by Russian military experts.

According to information leaked to the press, during the special military operation in Ukraine, the Russian Army first used a mysterious reconnaissance plane Tu-214R for a special mission.

There are currently only two such aircraft in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces, one of which was tested in Ukraine following a recent overhaul. In June 2016, the Russian Ministry of Defense signed a contract for the production of the third aircraft of this type.

The RIA Novosti news agency, citing an unnamed source, said that the Tu-214R reconnaissance aircraft was used to detect military facilities of the Ukrainian armed forces.

The Russian special reconnaissance aircraft will identify important targets such as command posts, radar stations, and communication centers … and quickly transmit this data to command posts for decision making. attack.

According to some reports, thanks to its special and highly sensitive weapons, the Tu-214R reconnaissance aircraft can detect enemy radar and radio stations at a distance of up to 400 km.

The Tu-214R reconnaissance aircraft is a variant based on the Tu-214, which was created to replace the obsolete Il-20M electronic reconnaissance aircraft. Tu-214R was built by the Kazan aircraft factory on the order of the Russian Air Force in the late 2000s.

According to military experts, Tu-214R can control the entire ground situation in the area because it is equipped with a type of radar that can operate in all weather conditions with very high sensitivity and accuracy.

The aircraft’s MRC-41 electronic monitoring system and Fraksia photoelectric sensor complex are responsible for providing images on the ground within a radius of up to 250 km when the aircraft is operating at an altitude of 12,000 m.

These images are used to determine the enemy’s position, even if the equipment is in stealth mode or camouflaged. The Tu-214R’s assets also allow the creation of high-definition images and videotape.

In addition, the aircraft also has equipment for electronic reconnaissance. Tu-214R is equipped with an antenna capable of catching signals emitted from enemy radio systems such as radar, radio, telephone…

Thereby, Tu-214R will determine the tactics that the enemy wants to use on the battlefield. This reconnaissance plane can help the Russian Air Force know where it operates, listen to phone communications, as well as understand the equipment used by the enemy.

After correctly determining the type of target, the Russian Air Force can launch a missile attack, or send Geran-2 suicide drones to perform the destruction function.

With a high operating altitude and the ability to scout from long distances, accompanied by a very sensitive radio detector, the Tu-214R reconnaissance aircraft is a difficult target to be shot down by Ukrainian air defenses.

The reason why Russia has built so little of this mysterious special reconnaissance aircraft is explained by its very expensive cost, although the exact number has not been disclosed.

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