HIMARS Ukrainian rocket artillery raid destroyed a large ammunition depot in Kharkiv

Russian site Avia has published images of Ukrainian HIMARS rockets that destroyed a large ammunition depot in the Kupyansk region of Kharkiv province.

HIMARS rocket artillery, which is supported by the US to Ukraine, continues to prove to be a dangerous weapon when it continuously causes damage to the enemy.

Russian media has just published an image of a large ammunition depot in Kharkiv being destroyed by this artillery line.

It is not known how many rockets were launched in total by the HIMARS rocket artillery, but it can be seen that the ammunition depot was completely destroyed.

It is quite special that there is also NATO standard 155 mm ammunition found in this ammunition depot, most likely this is the number of Russian ammunition obtained from the Ukrainian military.

With 16 HIMARS rocket artillery systems and thousands of M31 long-range rockets supported by the US, Ukraine is causing the Russian military to face many problems both in terms of logistics and combat capabilities in Ukraine.

It is clear that the HIMARS rocket artillery has had an effective performance in Ukraine, since receiving this weapon, the situation on the field has changed somewhat in favor of the Kyiv side.

At the beginning of the special military operation, the Russian armored forces suffered damage, which forced Moscow to change course by withdrawing its armor from other places and focusing on the Eastern battlefield.

In the Donbass area, with its superior artillery position, Russia caused Ukraine to suffer damage and had to withdraw from many areas in the east of the country.

There were times when Russian artillery fired at a rate of 60,000-80,000 rounds per day, while Ukrainian artillery could only fire a maximum of 1/10 of that.

But the situation changed after Kyiv received HIMARS rocket artillery from Washington.

Attacking Russian artillery depots and command posts is the top priority of HIMARS Ukraine artillery. Many important Russian artillery depots and command bases in Ukraine were destroyed.

President Volodymyr Zelensky in an interview at the end of July stated that the HIMARS rocket artillery systems that Washington provides to Kyiv are changing the course of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

In addition to the ammunition depot and headquarters of the Russian army, HIMASR artillery was also used to ambush key bridges in the city of Kherson.

HIMARS is a heavy rocket artillery system that can fire six high-precision guided rockets consecutively.

When using M31 ammunition carrying a powerful multi-purpose high-explosive warhead weighing 90 kg, HIMARS has a range of 80 km, which is farther than Russian rocket artillery, so it avoids enemy counter-fire.

In addition, HIMARS can also fire Army Tactical Missiles (ATACMS) with a range of up to 300 km.

According to Phillips O’Brien, professor of strategic studies at St. Andrews, Scotland, Ukraine started using HIMARS cannon at the end of June and immediately this weapon became effective.

HIMARS was initially deployed to target fixed targets and Russian command posts, rather than mobile formations.

“It was used all over the front in eastern Ukraine, hitting ammunition depots about 50 kilometers behind the Russian army’s front lines,” said Phillips O’Brien.

However, Professor O’Brien also added that Ukraine may now have started using HIMARS artillery to target Russian infantry formations in barracks and command posts.

Russia has repeatedly announced the destruction of the HIMARS system, but both the US and Ukraine deny this.

1 thought on “HIMARS Ukrainian rocket artillery raid destroyed a large ammunition depot in Kharkiv”

  1. Article seems in error. It would be a large Ukraine ammunition depot in Karkov that would be destroyed by a large precision Russian rocket. Russia would not have this large structured ammunition depot in Karkov. Russia is on the move while Ukraine has had large structured depots that Russia has destroyed. Also the rockets in the racks up front appear to be HYMARS rockets.


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