China sends J-20 stealth fighter to Taiwan Strait

The Chinese Air Force announced that the J-20 stealth fighter has been deployed on a mission over the Taiwan Strait as tensions rise.

“J-20 fighter jets, J-16 fighter jets, H-6K bombers, and domestically-produced Y-20 refueling aircraft flew over the Taiwan Strait, reinforcing the ability to defend national sovereignty and national sovereignty.” our family,” said Senior Lieutenant Colonel Shen Jinke, spokesman for the Chinese air force, at a press conference on September 28.

This is the first time China has published information about the operation of the J-20 stealth fighter in the Taiwan Strait. Mr. Shen said that outside the Taiwan Strait, J-20 fighters are also operating in the East China Sea.

“The fifth-generation fighter J-20 is on a mission in many battle zones, is used more and more, and flies farther and farther,” he said.

The fifth-generation stealth fighter J-20 was developed by China’s Chengdu Group in 2011 and took off for the first time on October 31, 2012.

The J-20 is promoted as a stealthy aircraft researched and built by China, comparable to the 5th generation stealth fighters of the US and Russia.

With a triangular wing design and no balance wing at the tail, the J-20 achieves remarkable maneuverability despite its size being somewhat larger than both the Russian Su-57 and the US F-22 and F-35.

“The J-20 has become unique with its aerodynamic layout concept. It is different from the American F-22 and F-35, as well as the Russian Su-57. The American aircraft has excellent stealth technology. great, but there are problems with maneuverability and therefore they are not suitable for close combat. The Su-57 fighter is the opposite – excellent aerodynamics, but without stealth technology”, page Sina said.

The J-20 has excellent aerodynamic and stealth capabilities. In addition, the combination with the new super missile PL-21 will bring superior power compared to the P-73 missile on the Su-57.

It is clear that China has made remarkable achievements in military science, especially in the field of aircraft manufacturing.

Experts say that, with strong financial potential and the help of experts from Ukraine, it is entirely possible for China to rise to Russia’s level or even better in some areas.

The electronic warfare system on the J-20 is considered very formidable with an active electronically scanned array radar with very sensitive scanning sensitivity to detect targets.

However, military analysts believe that both the Su-57 and the J-20 have not yet reached the state of true combat performance like the F-22 and F-35.

One of the most rigorous standards to evaluate the capabilities of the 5th generation fighter is engine performance.

The standard engine of the 5th generation fighter must achieve great thrust efficiency and be able to fly at supersonic speeds without the need for a second booster like the F-22.

It is known that the AL-31F engine used on the J-20 is the same type used on the Su-35 fighter. However, their performance is not equal to the AL-41F equipped on the Su-57.

The AL-41 is a modification of the AL-31F engine, although it has better propulsion efficiency, they are not qualified for 5th generation fighter engines.

Russia is completing the Izdeliye 30 engine to equip the Su-57. Although both Russia and China are racing to perfect the engine for the 5th generation fighter, analysts believe that Russia will quickly finish before China.

In the current context, the J-20s continue to use the AL-31F engine instead of the domestic WS-15 engine, which is full of errors and unsafe to use.

China very much wants to get rid of its dependence on Russia in the field of aircraft engines, but technical problems for aircraft engines, especially 5th generation stealth fighters, are a difficult problem.

The Chinese army has been in service with the J-20 since 2017. China has not announced the specific number of J-20 fighters in service.

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