LAV 6.0 ACSV Canadian armor is coming to the Ukrainian Army

Canada’s LAV 6.0 ACSV armor was discovered on German soil, indicating that it is about to be handed over to the Ukrainian Army.

The image of a convoy carrying LAV 6.0 ACSV armored vehicles committed by Canada to the Ukrainian Army was recorded on a highway in Germany, this is a sign that they are about to reach the recipient.

This is part of the military aid Canada has promised to Ukraine. The Ottawa government has secured a supply of $500 million worth of goods for Kyiv and 39 LAV 6.0s as part of this funding package.

Military experts believe that the Ukrainian armed forces will use this advanced armored vehicle on the front lines in Kherson or the Donbass region in the confrontation with the Russian army.

Since the start of the “special military operation” launched by Russia on February 24, Canada has been active in communicating with Ukraine and providing grants to the Ukrainian Army.

More important Canadian grants include the supply of M777 towed artillery and 20,000 rounds of ammunition. Part of that is the 155 mm Excalibur ammunition, which is highly accurate and very effective on the battlefield.

The LAV 6.0 ACSV is a combat vehicle developed and built for the needs of the Canadian Army. The manufacturer is General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada. LAV 6.0 was designed in 2011, and in 2012, it was officially introduced to the international community.

The main armament of this armored vehicle can be configured in two variants – the first is to carry the M242 Bushmaster automatic cannon (base 220 rounds) or a combat module mounted with the RWS C6 GPMG machine gun (base 2,200) bullet).

However, the weapon carried depends a lot on the functional purpose of the vehicle and the missions it will be engaged in. The LAV 6.0 also has a secondary weapon that is a 7.62 mm C6 GPMG multi-purpose machine gun.

The combat vehicle equipped with the “heart” is a single-turbocharged Caterpillar C9 Turbo 6-cylinder diesel engine that provides the LAV 6.0 with a capacity of at least 450 horsepower.

The vehicle’s suspension is an independent pneumatic type. The top speed on asphalt is 100 km/h, while off-road is reduced to 40 km/h. With a full tank of fuel, the LAV 6.0 has a range of 600 km.

This is an extremely advanced combat vehicle of the Canadian Army, which has not even become mass equipment, so its aid to Ukraine makes a lot of sense, demonstrating Ottawa’s commitment to its close ally set.

The tactical features of the LAV 6.0 armored vehicle are compared with the famous “transforming monster” Stryker used by the US Army Rapid Response Force, it is even more appreciated when placed next to the vehicle. BTR-4 that Ukraine built.

With the new means of combat, the Ukrainian armed forces have had more to compensate for the lost BTR-4 armor on the battlefield, the Canadian LAV 6.0 is even considered to have tactical technical features. far beyond the Russian Army’s BTR-82A.

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