What is the US planning when issuing a ‘red warning’ asking citizens to leave Russia?

American citizens were asked to immediately leave Russia after a “red warning” due to concerns about the tense situation related to the Ukraine conflict. What is the exact reason for this?

The US government has sent a “red alert”, asking its citizens in Russia to leave immediately.

The US State Department explained that the above decision was made in connection with the ongoing partial mobilization order in the Russian Federation, and foreign nationals with dual citizenship may still be drafted into the army.

Brazilian political scientist Lucas Leiros wrote about this in InfoBrics, saying that such an explanation seems strange because the mobilization has only taken place on a partial scale and Moscow has not yet. intend to recruit foreigners into the armed forces, so they have no urgent reason to leave.

It is noteworthy that the call of the US authorities came after the statement of the head of the Polish Foreign Ministry about NATO’s response if Russia used nuclear weapons. It seems that this is the preparation of the West.

“In fact, the evacuation of citizens is a basic measure, often taken by countries that are planning an attack, or perceive a risk of military conflict in that territory.” .

“This is the most direct and easiest way to prevent a threat to the lives of our citizens, while they are in enemy territory before a military action begins.”

“As such, any attempt to mass remove Western citizens from Russia seems like a threat at the moment, because NATO repeatedly warns of ‘consequences’ for Moscow in the event of escalating the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine,” the article said.

The problem is that the situation in Ukraine is rapidly entering a new phase, Russia repeatedly warned of retaliation if NATO did not stop providing weapons and heavy military equipment to Kyiv, prompting Ukraine to want to attack again.

Moscow says the US will cross a red line if it sends longer-range missiles to Ukraine’s armed forces. Russia also warned that it would defend its territory with all available means, including nuclear weapons.

The InfoBrics analyst wrote: “The Russian armed forces do not accept attacks on their territory, and have made it clear that they will respond harshly if such an action occurs.”

In addition, Washington is well aware that “referendums” in Lugansk, Donbass as well as in Kherson and Zaporozhye, will make these four regions the territory of the Russian Federation.

Of course, the West certainly refuses to recognize these areas as Russian, but this does not negate the fact that they will come under direct Moscow protection, even with nuclear weapons, as warned by the United States.

The US also reiterated the position of NATO countries, that if weapons of mass destruction are used by Russia, the “red line” is officially crossed, then the North Atlantic military alliance will directly participate in the conflict.

US President Joe Biden in an interview a few days ago, when asked about Washington’s response, said that everything depends on the actual situation, but all scenarios have been built.

Analysts say that in the worst-case scenario if NATO directly intervenes in the Ukraine conflict as they warn, conventional weapons will first be used, but it is completely possible to escalate under dangerous scenarios.

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