Russia acquired a large number of brand-new T-80BVM “tanks” despite the Western sanctions.

Russia just got a new batch of T-80BVM “tanks,” and since the delivery went as planned, it is clear that Western economic sanctions have not been able to hinder Russia’s defence sector.

The Russian Defense Ministry continues to receive new T-80BVM “tanks” from Omsktransmash, a division of Uralvagonzavod of Rostec State Corporation, despite Western sanctions on Russia. The T-80BVM tank has successfully completed the required tests and will shortly be given to the Russian army’s armoured divisions, according to Omsktransmash.

This demonstrates that even while it can be challenging to purchase some components from other countries, Russia is still able to maintain a certain number of manufacturing tanks and provide them to the army.

The T-80BVM, a distinctive Russian tank with a gas turbine engine as its power source, is being updated at the Omsk plant.

“When it comes to functioning at low temperatures, the T-80BVM offers an indisputable edge. Igor Lobov, general manager of Omsktransmash, stated, “We have demonstrated that they are equally prepared to compete in the opposing season.

For the T-80 national defence tank during the Soviet era, the T-80BVM was regarded as the last component. T-80BVMs are essential to the Russian army and have strong power, high mobility, and sophisticated avionics.

The T-80BVM is thought to be slightly stronger than the T-90A tank and stronger than the T-72B3, and it is only slightly less powerful than the T-90M and T-14 Armata.

Russia now has a substantial force of T-80BVM tanks, numbering up to a few hundred, and they also have plans to upgrade all 3,000 T-80BV tanks to T-80BVM specifications.

The T-80BVM tank is now trusted by Russia to be in charge of guarding the Arctic and Far East in addition to the special military operation in Ukraine.

The Russian army will continue to designate the T-72B3M, T-80BVM, and T-90A/M tanks for the assault role in the event that the T-14 Armata cannot be mass built and given official commissioning.

Upgrades to the T-80 to the T-80BVM standard are a more practical option when the T-14 has issues, the enhanced T-72B3M hasn’t yet demonstrated the projected power, and the price of the new production T-90M is still exorbitant.

The T-80 tank line was once considered a national treasure of the Soviet Union, and exporting them was prohibited. Only the most potent Soviet army units could be fitted into this sort of tank.

Developed from the T-64 tank family, the T-80 carries with it the pinnacle of tank manufacturing technology. The Soviet side said that this tank line was really powerful, able to completely overwhelm Western tanks.

However, the war in Chechnya this type of tank did not show much. Then the T-80 tank was withdrawn to the back line and replaced by the T-90 series, which was upgraded from the T-72.

However, the modern battlefield continues to change, causing Russia to once again turn to the T-80 upgrade. Currently Russia is storing a large number of T-80 tanks up to several thousand units.

The T-80BVM is a powerful upgrade package that brings the legendary Soviet-era tank back to life on the battlefield.

Russia said that with the focus on upgrading the armor protection system, the inherent weakness on the T-80 tank line has been overcome.

The GTD-1250 engine fitted to the T-80BVM has a capacity of 1,250 hp for higher performance, they are much more powerful than the 1,130 hp V-92S2F fitted to the T-72B3 and T-90M.

The Russian side is very confident about this upgraded tank. However, when going into actual war in Ukraine, this tank line still cannot avoid losses. In addition to being shot down with modern anti-tank weapons, the Ukrainian side also said that they had captured up to 40 T-80BVM tanks.

Immediately Ukirane commissioned this tank and put it into battle. The Russian side has not commented on the information given by Ukraine.
Immediately Ukirane commissioned this tank and put it into battle. The Russian side has not commented on the information given by Ukraine.

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