Russia sends a large number of Iskander missiles to Ukraine border

A train of 17 self-propelled launchers of Iskander missiles was recorded moving towards the border with Ukraine.

According to the source, the train is carrying at least 17 Iskander missile launchers, as well as transport and logistics vehicles, all of which are moving in the direction of the Kherson area.

This may indicate the fact that in the near future these weapons can be used not only for the defense of the territories that the Russian Federation has just announced annexation, of but also to attack military facilities. military headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

A special thing to mention is that the Lend-Lease law passed by the US to support Ukraine’s military came into effect on October 1, so a lot of equipment is expected to arrive in this Eastern European country and Russia strengthens Iskander to catch the enemy first.

The Iskander tactical ballistic missile not only possesses a long-range but also has great destructive capabilities. At the same time, it was much more important that such a weapon allowed to launch attacks very quickly.

Russian defense officials hope the weapon will disrupt the plans of the Kyiv government and dislodge the Ukrainian armed forces from the fighting territories including Donetsk, Zaporozhye, and Kherson.

Despite the fact that the video was filmed at one of the stations, it has not been possible so far to confirm with certainty that the convoy of captured military equipment is moving specifically to the Kherson region or to another location.

Moscow insists its Iskander tactical ballistic missile has performed well on the Ukrainian battlefield, but according to Kyiv, the probability of hitting the target of these projectiles is less than 40%.

In another development, a newly posted image shows various types of military equipment, including armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, tanks, army trucks, as well as troop transport vehicles. Russian reinforcements for the front.

The image of this convoy was recorded about a day ago and the equipment itself could be sent to participate in a special military operation to increase the presence of the Russian group in Ukraine.

From preliminary assessment, it can be seen that the convoy includes unidentified infantry fighting vehicles (probably BMP-1), an armored vehicle with anti-aircraft artillery, a T-72 tank, a cross-country truck, and special military equipment on the tracks.

There are a total of 19 combat vehicles appearing in the frame, but the total number of armored vehicles transported by the aforementioned train has not been determined yet. Judging by the direction of motion, the train is moving towards the Crimean peninsula.

According to a number of theories, military equipment may be intended for those subject to military service to be mobilized by order of partial mobilization, but currently, there is no confirmed information about the data.

Russia will need to quickly deploy the 300,000-strong reserve they have just mobilized to the battlefield, especially when the Ukrainian Army has recently taken full control of Lyman and is developing its forces to the east and south.

In addition to the newly declared “annexed” lands, Russia must also strengthen the defense of the Crimea peninsula, as Ukraine has insisted it will not stop before warnings from Moscow.

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