NATO is afraid of damaging its reputation if it leaves Leopard 2 or Abrams tanks in Ukraine’s hands

Leopard 2 or Abrams tanks, according to the assessment, cannot withstand Russian missiles, if they are destroyed in Ukraine, it will cause NATO great damage to its reputation.

According to the American magazine Military Watch, it seems increasingly unlikely that NATO will provide the Leopard 2 or Abrams tanks with the highest combat performance to the Ukrainian armed forces in the near future.

Analysts cite key factors hindering the plan, such as weakening NATO member states’ combat readiness, and not opening up real prospects for a strengthening of NATO’s power. Ukrainian army on the battlefield.

“Tanks are one of the easiest vehicles to capture or destroy due to their frontline role. In such a case, Abrams or Leopard 2 could provide valuable intelligence to the Russian Army in the field. case to seize even one,” the American publication stated.

Military Watch specifically highlights the fact that the West’s use of the most famous tanks in the former “war on terror” in the Middle East has raised great doubt about the effectiveness of the military.

Most significantly, the “invulnerability” claims proved unrealistic, as the aforementioned tanks still suffered significant losses even when facing poorly equipped opponents.

For the Turkish Leopard 2 and the Iraqi Abrams, the losses have become “enormous”, as the militaries of these countries were unable to provide adequate support measures. Experts commented the Armed Forces of Ukraine will face the same thing and note:

“The loss of Leopard 2 or Abrams tanks, especially in the event of a skirmish with Russian armor, can significantly reduce the interest of foreign customers in purchasing these combat vehicles.”.

“Furthermore, both of the above-mentioned tanks are mainly produced for export and they are currently facing stiff competition from more modern products made by South Korea or Israel.”

The third factor is the “price issue”: Even older versions of the Leopards and Abrams tanks are much more expensive than any armored vehicles that have been delivered to the Ukrainian Army from NATO countries.

Finally, fourth, Western models of tanks are not compatible with the fleet of tanks already in the Ukrainian armed forces. The integration of ammunition of different calibers would be just one of many obvious problems that would arise.

“Western tanks are not like Russian and Soviet tanks, they are too heavy to be used on local infrastructures such as bridges and roads,” the Military Watch analysts added.

In conclusion, they note that among the NATO countries Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, and Greece (who are equipped with Leopard 2 tanks), no country has so far asked Germany for permission. ceded them to Ukraine.

The owners of Abrams tanks are mainly rich countries, but they are also not willing to cede to Ukraine because they still have to meet their own needs.

Faced with this fact, the Ukrainian Army should probably only want to receive outdated NATO tanks like the Lepopard 1A5, or the remaining Soviet-type tanks like the T-72 and T-80.

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