To counter the Russian menace, Poland requests that the US share nuclear weapons.

In reaction to the warning from Moscow, Poland, a country that shares a border with Russia, declared that it was in discussions with the US about joining a nuclear weapons-sharing programme.

Poland is in discussions with the United States about joining a nuclear weapons sharing programme, according to remarks made by Polish President Andrzej Duda on October 5.

After Moscow began a military operation in Ukraine at the end of February, Poland, a neighbouring country to Russia, increased its military spending recently.

Duda asserts that Poland’s present diplomatic efforts are intended to offset the rising Russian threat.

Sharing nuclear weapons is a notion in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s deterrence strategy (NATO). The programme enables NATO’s use of nuclear weapons by members of the military alliance who do not own nuclear weapons.

“Poland’s lack of nuclear weapons is the first issue. Participation in the programme for exchanging nuclear weapons will always be possible. We have discussed whether Washington will allow this to happen or not with American officials It’s still up for discussion, “Declared Mr. Duda.

He did emphasise that there are currently no indications that Poland will possess nuclear weapons, though.

Polish Deputy Defense Minister Marcin Ociepa issued a warning earlier in the month: “Within the next three to ten years, Poland and Russia could engage in a military battle, so we must be ready we should do everything we can to equip the Polish army in the interim.”

Europe is currently in a tense state as the conflict between Russia and NATO is rising quickly. Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine to stop the military alliance from moving east, which Moscow claims threatens its security, is one of the most noteworthy recent events. Poland is next to Russia, therefore if the US were to put nuclear weapons there, difficult developments may result.

NATO members, notably Poland, have been aggressively arming Ukraine over the past few months. The alliance also authorised the union’s entry of Sweden and Finland, two Nordic nations close to Russia. Observers are worried that the animosity between Russia and NATO will continue to rise in light of the aforementioned developments.

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