Ukraine’s military ‘decodes’ Russia’s Krasnopol guided bullets for the first time

As a result of the fighting in the Kharkiv region, the Ukrainian Army captured the Russian Msta-SM2 self-propelled howitzer, accompanied by extremely powerful 152 mm Krasnopol-guided shells from Russian soldiers.

The cost for such a shell is about $ 35,000, in this photo we can see quite a few Krasnopols seized and the above quantity is enough for the Ukrainian armed forces to study and use.

The most talked about the possibility is that Kyiv will only keep 1-2 fruits to open research to exploit the secret of tactical technical features, the rest will be “returned” to the Russian Army through the government. the aforementioned Msta-SM2 self-propelled howitzers.

According to estimates by the Defense Express portal, since the outbreak of hostilities so far, Ukrainian soldiers have seized at least 12 of the newest Russian self-propelled guns 2S19 Msta-SM2 as trophies.

According to the introduction of Russia, these upgraded self-propelled guns are different from the old version of the latest fire control system. Therefore the Msta-SM2 will become the most ideal tool for shooting Krasnopol loot.

In the process of researching this special ammunition, Ukrainian military engineers were also able to find out the weaknesses of Krasnopol as well as the Msta-SM2 self-propelled howitzer to come up with effective countermeasures.

In April 2022, it was reported that soldiers of the Ukrainian armed forces discovered a destroyed truck of the Russian Army, which contained the remains of Krasnopol ammunition, but they were in poor condition and can not use.

Also during this time, the commander of the operation of the combined forces – Lieutenant General Volodymyr Kravchenko, noted that the Russian Army in eastern Ukraine is using a lot of Krasnopol-guided artillery shells to cause casualties.

In September 2022, the Russian Federation deployed Msta-B towed artillery with Krasnopol shells to Crimea to increase combat power. To ensure the accurate firing of the aforementioned ammunition, the Russian gunners also received Orlan-10 drones.

The developer of the Krasnopol guided artillery shell is the Russian “KB pribrostroeniya”, named after Academician Arkady Shipunov. The head of the above facility is Mr. Dmitry Konopliov, who in July 2022 died of an unknown cause.

Another issue that needs to be mentioned is that the Ukrainian Army also has a very powerful guided artillery shell, the same 152 mm size as Krasnopol, which is the Kvytnyk type.

However, the above ammunition of Ukraine is a new product, produced only in relatively limited quantities, and seems to have been exhausted after many months of fighting, so having more loot as Kranopol ammunition will help compensate. make up the shortfall.

In addition, after carefully studying the effects of Krasnopol ammunition, it is possible that Ukrainian military engineers will come up with some ideas for improving their domestic Kvytnyk ammunition.

This is a scenario that can make Russia feel worried because the guided artillery shells made by Ukraine will be equipped with unique features, making it difficult for the opponent to catch cards.

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