NATO members are alarmed after four Russian warplanes violate NATO airspace.

A fighter squadron from the Italian Air Force was hurriedly sent because it was claimed that Russian military aircraft had violated the airspace of Poland and Sweden.

Italian Typhoon fighter jets engaged in the Airspace Patrol operation in Poland launched an emergency sortie to stop four Russian fighter jets from entering Poland and Sweden’s area and forced them to re-enter Kaliningrad airspace. On October 5, photographs of at least three Typhoons taking off were broadcast on Twitter by the Italian Air Force along with the statement.

Due to the situation in Ukraine, there were already high tensions between Russia and the West when the incident occurred. Italy is stationing a fighter unit in the Baltic region to patrol and defend the alliance’s airspace, according to NATO spokesman Matthias Eichenlaub. He also noted that NATO aircraft “frequently encountered Russian military aircraft that did not comply with the regulations.”

Military planes from Russia and NATO have frequently crossed paths in international airspace without incident. While US and partner air forces frequently send fighter jets to tail Russian aircraft throughout Europe, Russian aircraft frequently fly near to, observe, and watch fighters and reconnaissance aircraft of European nations.

One of the causes of Ukraine’s present crisis with neighbouring Russia is its quest to join NATO. Despite Moscow’s warnings that NATO’s power to station forces and weaponry on its borders would pose an intolerable security danger, Kiev includes this objective in its 2019 constitution.

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