According to the UK, Ukraine may have taken 440 Russian tanks.

According to the British Ministry of Defense, Ukraine may have acquired hundreds of tanks and armoured vehicles from Russia since the start of the conflict and is currently using them.

“Ukraine is estimated to have gotten at least 440 tanks and 650 armoured vehicles from Russia since Moscow commenced its military action in late February,” the British Ministry of Defense stated in an intelligence report made public on October 7.

According to the assessment, half of the Ukrainian tanks currently on the battlefield look to be Russian confiscations. The Russian military is alleged to have left some weapons largely intact during the retreat, which Ukraine exploited, according to the British side.

He warned that the possibility of Moscow continuing to lose heavy weaponry existed because the Russian military organisation was under strain in several regions prior to the Ukrainian counterattack.

Regarding the British intelligence report, the Russian side has not responded.

The intelligence from the UK is given in light of the Ukrainian army’s ongoing eastern and southern counterattacks on the entire line.

The Ukrainian side claims that in the front lines, the Ukrainian army is advancing strongly, compelling the Russian defence forces to withdraw to the back lines to gather strength.

According to President Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian army is moving very swiftly and forcefully in the South as part of ongoing defensive operations.

According to Mr. Zelensky, since the beginning of October, Ukraine has reclaimed more than 500 square kilometres in the Kherson province alone, and dozens of settlements have been seized from Russian soldiers. Although the Ukrainian armed forces have made great gains in this region during the past week, the Russian military still partially controls Kherson province in southern Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials anticipate that the conflict will stop sooner rather than later given the present pace.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict, according to NATO’s deputy secretary general Mircea Geoana, has reached a turning point as Ukrainian forces continue to advance in the south and gain momentum at the eastern end of the counterattack.

Geoana cautioned the parties not to underestimate the strength of the Russian armed forces despite Ukraine’s advantage.

Russian weapons taken by Ukraine during Moscow’s military campaign in the neighbouring nation have raised concerns among specialists since March that they may turn into a “gold mine” for US intelligence.

Ukraine will gain crucial knowledge about the operation of the electronic warfare weapon if it finds any active software or data storage systems on the equipment it obtains. in the Russian arsenal is best.

Defense Express claimed last month that Ukrainian soldiers had reportedly found a T-90M Proryv super tank that had been abandoned by the Russian military as it withdrew from Kharkov in response to Kiev’s quick counterattack.

If the aforementioned claims are accurate, it will be a major loss for the Russian military to let the T-90M super tank to end up in the hands of the Ukrainian army because it may reveal many of Moscow’s military secrets to the adversary.

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