The Ukrainian army is about to receive an air defense system that can destroy even tanks?

The M-SHORAD anti-aircraft defense system that can destroy even the tank is a weapon likely to be provided by the US to the Ukrainian Army in the near future.

The Ukrainian army urgently needed a weapon to protect the advancing formations of mechanized units, Kyiv asked the US to provide an air defense system that could destroy even M-SHORAD tanks because it was considered the most suitable vehicle. for combat requirements.

In fact, the Ukrainian armed forces are currently deploying a number of air defense complexes capable of destroying ground targets, such as the German Gepard 1A2 self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery, but the above weapons are quite outdated.

The Stommer HVM complex delivered by the UK, although it is good at destroying aircraft, is very disappointing if it encounters Russian armor, Kyiv thinks that they need a complex that can meet both of the above tasks and M-SHORAD is a good choice.

The M-SHORAD weapon complex originates from the Stryker MSL multi-purpose anti-tank vehicle program, it is known as the newest member of the famous Stryker “Transforming Monster” family.

The manufacturer has modified the chassis of the traditional M1126 armored personnel carrier to take up space to mount an Avenger combat module developed by Boeing, which can carry many different types of missiles.

The unique feature of M-SHORAD is that it uses AGM-114L Longbow Hellfire anti-tank missiles for the new role of air defense, destroying low-flying targets.

This type of missile is equipped with an active radar homing head, operating on the “fire and forget” principle, in addition, an optional version with infrared and optoelectronic detectors can be selected.

After the missile leaves the launch pad, the active radar probe will guide the projectile without depending on another source of indication.

Missile AGM-114L Longbow Hellfire has a length of 1.76 m; The total weight is 49 kg, with which the weight of the combat part is 9 kg, and the maximum range is about 9 km.

Thanks to new weapons, the US Army’s Stryker brigades have the means to destroy armed helicopters and low-flying aircraft without having to call the air force or professional air defense units to assist.

In addition to the new role of air defense, the AGM-114L Longbow Hellfire missile still has the same basic function of destroying tanks and armored vehicles.

The AGM-114L missile, after launching, will gain altitude and then perform a dive straight into the roof of the vehicle where the armor is the thinnest, similar to the attack method of the FGM-148 Javelin missile to bring optimal efficiency.

Another notable detail is that despite the significantly enhanced maneuverability, the AGM-114L is still only used against flying targets with a low degree of maneuverability.

To combat high-maneuvered attack aircraft or low-flying cruise missiles, the manufacturer has integrated M-SHORAD with AIM-9X Sidewinder air-to-air missiles, giving it combat capabilities. very comprehensive.

Currently, many M-SHORAD multi-purpose air defense complexes have been deployed by the US to NATO countries close to Russia, so if the transfer is accepted under the Lend-Lease program, the above weapons are expected to be present in the war. Ukrainian school very quickly.

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