A big risk for the Ukrainian Army when launching the last reserve force into the Kherson counterattack?

The Ukrainian army is said to be taking a risk in the counter-attack at Kherson when it mobilizes its last reserve units, creating a defensive “hole” for other areas.

The Ukrainian army is trying to attack Bankova and use all its capabilities to break through to Kherson, now the Kyiv government has mobilized all its remaining reserves in this direction.

Ukrainian President Zelensky recently signed an order to send even the units defending the capital Kyiv to fight in the southern region.

The fact is that Ukraine’s political elites have been warned by their NATO ally about a major change coming in the combat zone. Ukraine’s armed forces have little time left before winter arrives.

Before the above development, a military expert and deputy director of the Russian Academy of Rocketry and Artillery Sciences – Colonel Konstantin Sivkov said that the Ukrainian army is making uncertain efforts to break through in the direction of Kherson.

On Soloviev LIVE channel, Mr. Sivkov said that the Ukrainian armed forces are putting all their efforts, into “leaving open” all rears because of the Kherson operation, accepting to leave a big hole.

“As far as I know, the High Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has sent brigades from Odesa, from Dnepropetrovsk, and even from Kyiv to Kherson. As a result, in the past three days, all were deployed and the enemy’s offensive potential was exhausted.”

“We can simply say that a turning point is looming because in throwing everything at this counterattack, Kyiv faces a real danger of defeat.”

“To create another combat group to fill the gap, Kyiv will need at least six more months. But Ukraine does not have this time because Russia has issued a mobilization order and within two to three weeks, its task group will be firmly established.”

“So the General Staff of Ukraine is sending the last reserve force to the Kherson region, Kyiv will not have another chance,” said Sivkov.

Expert Sivkov noted that allied forces (Russian and eastern separatists) should in the near future launch a large-scale counterattack with the same speed of attack as the first stage of a special military operation – up to 100 km a day.

However, according to analysts, the ability of Russia to attack again to corner Ukrainian soldiers is very difficult, because the battlefield situation is now unfavorable to them when a large combat group is surrounded by the enemy in Kherson.

The fact that the Ukrainian Army put large forces to Kherson to soon finish off the Russian defense cluster here, not giving the enemy a chance to withdraw or wait for reinforcements to come to the rescue is considered the correct step.

Moreover, Kyiv can replenish Kyiv’s defense very quickly once the next group of recruits has completed training in the UK and Poland, without having to wait up to 6 months as expert Sivkov predicted.

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