Russia-Ukraine conflict: Kyiv gambles all the way on Kherson?

 Military expert Konstantin Sivkov confirmed that Ukraine is gambling all the time when mobilizing all forces in all areas for the offensive in Kherson.

The press service of the Russian Defense Ministry on October 9, 2022, informed the media that, in just one day, the Russian Air Force shot down 6 Ukrainian drones (including a drone). Bayraktar -TB2 attack drone.

According to the announcement, the above weapons were destroyed during the attacks on the Snegirevka settlements of the Nikolaev region, Novomikhailovka, Novomayora, and Ustinovka regions of the Donetsk region.

In addition, Russian air defense vehicles also shot down four guided rockets belonging to the High Mobility Rocket System (HIMARS) M142 and five other types of MLRS such as BM-27 Uragan, and Olkha in the area. Kharkiv and Donetsk.

The Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) in the Bereznogovaty region, Nikolaev also used precision strike missiles to destroy the ammunition depot of the 61st Ukrainian Infantry Brigade, including a missile depot for the MLRS Himars, as well as an MLRS BM-27 Uragan system.

Kyiv’s losses in the Mykolaiv-Krivorozhsky direction were also very heavy, when in a single day Russia repelled attacks by combat groups consisting of several battalions, resulting in the death of more than 200 Ukrainian servicemen; 3 tanks, 41 armored vehicles, 3 cannons, and 7 military vehicles were destroyed.

In particular, the personnel losses of the 96th and 98th battalions of the 60th Infantry Brigade and the 128th Mountain Brigade of the Ukrainian Army, operating in the direction of Mykolaiv-Krivorozhsky, exceeded 30%.

In total, since the beginning of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, Russian forces have destroyed 317 aircraft, 159 helicopters, 2,182 UAVs, 379 anti-aircraft missiles, 5,570 tanks, and armored vehicles, 866 combat vehicles of multiple rocket launchers, 3,460 artillery, and mortars, as well as 6,431 military vehicles.

In a related move, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky instructed the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) to mobilize all remaining main units for the direction of attack on Kherson, including reserve troops. from Odesa, Dnepropetrovsk, and Kyiv.

According to military analyst Konstantin Sivkov, vice president of the Russian Academy of Rocket Science and Artillery, the Kyiv authorities have ordered to move of all the remaining reserve forces in order to break through into the Kherson front. the gateway to the Crimean peninsula.

The High Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine moved all brigades stationed in Odesa, Dnepropetrovsk, and even from Kyiv to the Kherson front. Continuously for the past three days, all relevant units have been rotated, and disturbed, creating an imbalance in the defense force.

According to him, it will take the Kyiv authorities at least six months to create another such elite force. Ukraine does not have enough time like that, because in the near future allied forces (only DPR, LPR) will be seriously strengthened, the analyst noted.

Therefore, the General Staff of Ukraine is sending the last reserve force to the Kherson area to try to make new progress before it fails; however, Mr. Zelensky will not stand another chance. With the attacks being repelled in various areas, it can be seen that Kyiv missed the opportunity to counterattack.

Calculation of the offensive potential of the Ukrainian armed forces has been significantly exhausted. In the very near future, allied forces will launch a large-scale counterattack, like the beginning of a special military operation, with attacks that penetrate hundreds of kilometers a day.

According to him, the fighting in the trenches will end soon and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has been warned very early about this. Therefore, the Kyiv authorities are now betting on the last game, putting themselves in danger in a win-win fashion.

In addition to the information that Ukraine has fully fought against Kherson, the Russian government in the separatist region of Lugansk announced that Ukraine is also deploying about 40,000 troops close to this area, especially the two main attack directions in the southern region. north and northwest, bordering Kharkov.

Of course, the above is just the analysis of Russian experts. In fact, Ukraine also applies many tactics, including diversion when counter-attacking. Before counterattacking to regain control of many areas in Kharkiv, Ukraine also sent troops and there was a lot of information about the counterattack in Kherson. Therefore, it is necessary to wait for developments on the ground to know exactly who won.

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