Ukraine wants Israel to supply LORA ballistic missiles ‘more powerful than ATACMS’

Israel-made LORA ballistic missile will help strengthen the Ukrainian Army if Tel Aviv agrees to transfer.

While still having difficulty with the US proposal to provide MGM-140 ATACMS, Ukraine is asking Israel to deliver to them “super powerful” LORA ballistic missiles as an alternative.

According to the assessment of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the LORA missile possesses many excellent tactical and technical features, even surpassing US-made weapons, so they hope Israel will accept aid or sell it. this weapon in the near future.

About the weapon in question, LORA ( LO ng R ange A tack) is an advanced tactical ballistic missile researched and manufactured by the Israel Aviation Industry Corporation (IAI), officially put into service. service since 2007.

The unique and “unique” feature of the LORA missile lies in the fact that it has a very flexible programmed trajectory with the ability to adjust its flight path to neutralize the enemy’s air defense system.

The basic tactical specifications of the LORA missile include a length of 4.7 – 5.2 m (depending on the version); a body diameter of 0.62 m; launch weight of 1,600 – 1,800 kg; carrying a warhead weighing 440 – 600 kg (depending on the mission).

The LORA tactical ballistic missile complex uses a closed container-type launch tube cum storage tube, mounted on a cross-country truck chassis with 4 bullets ready to be launched on each vehicle, the launcher can also be put on a corvette.

The time to switch from marching to combat readiness of the LORA complex takes only 10 minutes, simple reloading thanks to a dedicated support vehicle attached.

The range of the LORA missile is also customizable depending on the weight of the warhead it carries, of which the maximum range is 400 km, which is far beyond the most advanced ATACMS variant (300 km).

Thanks to the use of inertial guidance with reference to the GPS global positioning system combined with the terminal photoelectric detector, the deviation (CEP) of the LORA missile is only about 10 m.

The speed of the LORA missile has not been clearly announced by the manufacturer, but some military experts estimate that it can reach Mach 3.5 – Mach 4, not really high but necessary. to perform complex maneuvers.

Another unique feature of LORA is that it is not a true short-range tactical ballistic missile but is “hybridized” with a cruise missile, it has much higher maneuverability when placed next to the equipped 9M723 ammunition. for the Russian Iskander-M complex.

The LORA tactical ballistic missile can perform a very flexible flight path with sharp turns at high speed, making it impossible for enemy air defense systems to interpolate the touch point to intercept.

However, the most difficult problem for Ukraine today is that Israel does not want to provide lethal weapons to Kyiv, for fear of escalating tensions with Russia.

At present, Tel Aviv has only agreed to transfer to Kyiv electronic warfare equipment against Iran-made Shahed-136 suicide drones, moreover, they must also provide in the name of sales to the Russian Federation. a third country.

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