Taiwan claims that Chinese vessels and aircraft frequently harass the island.

On October 11, Taiwanese officials claimed that Beijing increased tension by stationing warships and aircraft close to the island almost every day.

On October 11, Taiwan’s defence chief, Qiu Guozheng, claimed that mainland China dispatched four to six warships sailing close to the island every day.

The Chinese military also sent out a large number of fighter jets to cross the strait’s median line and enter the island’s air defence identification zone.

Since August, Chinese military have consistently intensified their actions in the vicinity of Taiwan under the cover of training for combat preparedness, according to Qiu.

Qiu asserted that China’s recent moves were proof of aggression, and Taiwan was making every effort to keep tensions between the two sides of the strait from rising.

The number of Chinese vessels approaching the island each day has never before been made public by Taiwan’s military officials. The deployment of warships is planned to aid China in blocking the sea between Taiwan and the country and to determine a military response in the event of a conflict.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen urged Beijing to cooperate with Taipei to create a “acceptable agreement” for both parties to uphold peace and stability between the two nations on both sides of the Taiwan Strait in a speech on October 10. Military conflict, according to Tsai, is not the answer.

The Chinese government’s Taiwan Affairs Office refuted Tsai’s assertions. The Taiwanese leader, according to the agency, had misunderstood the nature of relations between the two sides, overstated mainland threats, and threatened regional peace and stability.

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