Two lines of US light armored vehicles equipped for Ukraine

Built by General Dynamics Land Systems in the 1980s, to date, the light armored vehicle (LAV) in the US military has many variants. Recently, the US has provided Ukraine with two lines of LAV vehicles.

Xe LAV-25 (8×8)

This type of vehicle has a weight of 12.8 tons, a crew of 3 people, and carries 6 people. The vehicle uses an 8×8 structure, the inside of the vehicle is very wide, the body and turret both use welded steel structure, the front face can withstand 7.62mm bullets, and the other parts can withstand bullets. 7.62mm and shell fragments. The two sides of the vehicle have 6 shooting slots with 6 observation glasses.

The car can swim with 2 sets of propellers, with a breakwater in front of the head; can be transported by transport plane or helicopter.

LAV-25 has many improved variants, such as the LAV air defense vehicle (AD) to make a mobile air defense system, the main weapon is a 25mm cannon and 4 anti-aircraft missiles.

LAV (AT) anti-tank missile launcher vehicle, on the roof of which is an anti-tank missile launcher with 2 ready-to-launch missiles and 14 missiles inside the vehicle; Support weapons have 1 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun.

Self-propelled gun LAV-105 (AG) uses a light cannon EX-35/105mm, cannon weighs 1,400kg, and can drop a parachute.

LAV logistics support vehicle (L), a relatively high body, has 2 doors on the roof for queuing. Weapons include 1 7.62mm M-60 machine gun, and 2 M275 smoke grenade launchers. Rescue equipment includes a light-duty generator, a crane with a lifting capacity of 1,841kg, a winch with a pulling capacity of 13,608kg at the rear, and 4 other rescue devices.

The LAV (C) command vehicle, the body of which is similar to the LAV (L) logistics support vehicle, has advanced communication equipment, 1 7.62mm machine gun, and 2 4-barreled smoke launchers.

Self-propelled mortar LAV (M), the vehicle has an 81mm mortar, and a base of 94 rounds. There is also 1 7.62mm M60 machine gun, and 8 M257 smoke tubes.

Vehicles carrying a mobile electronic warfare support system (MEWSS), including radio receiver WT-8618, radio navigation system AN/PRD-10, jammer AN/ALQ-19, and some radio equipment.

LAV-III. wheeled armored vehicle

LAV-III 8×8 wheeled armored vehicle has a maximum speed of 100 km / h, weighs 19 tons, and can be transported by transport aircraft C-130, C-5, and C-17. The vehicle has a maximum travel reserve of 500km, can cross a 2m wide trench, climb a slope of 31 degrees, and overcome a wall 0.6m high.

This vehicle has relatively good protection, and can withstand 14.5mm machine gun bullets; if adding buffer armor that can withstand B-41 bullets, the roof can withstand 152mm shells exploding in the air. The vehicle is equipped with an NBC anti-weapon system and an independent breathing device for the crew. The engine compartment and the crew compartment have a fire extinguishing system and an automatic fire alarm detection device.

To enhance the vehicle’s maneuverability, the tires are fitted with an inflatable system that allows the vehicle to be pressure adjusted to adapt to the hard, soft, and muddy ground.

Some improved versions of LAV III

In addition to the original version, the LAV III also has improved versions. Like an anti-tank missile vehicle, there is a rocket launcher that can be raised and lowered, and can launch TOW2B anti-tank missiles guided by infrared rays, on the launcher has a sight (improved ITAS target capture system) up). This type of vehicle is equipped down to the battalion level.

Reconnaissance vehicle, tasked with detecting the enemy first to have time to decide whether to attack or hide. The vehicle is equipped with an advanced LRAS-3 long-range observation and reconnaissance system, which belongs to the second generation of an infrared radar system to detect forward targets.

Armored vehicle carrying troops, the crew of 2, carrying 9 people, on the roof of the vehicle has a tower that can install an MK-19 40mm automatic grenade launcher (in the future, it will install a DCVSW 25mm automatic grenade launcher or a 12 machine gun, 7mm, with a base of 448 rounds or 2,000 rounds), there are also 2-3 remote-controlled anti-tank missiles in the vehicle; The vehicle’s armor can withstand machine gun bullets, artillery pieces or grenades.

Self-propelled vehicle/cannon with a 105mm long barrel M68A1 turret (similar to the cannon of the M60 and M1 main tanks), the gun has an automatic loader. The US Army uses this self-propelled artillery system not to replace tanks and not to use anti-tank weapons, but to provide direct firepower to infantry, destroy bunkers and defensive field fortifications, or in the city.

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