In the last 18 months, 172 groundings of South Korean F-35 fighters had occurred.

The F-35A fighter squadron of the South Korean Air Force (ROKAF) is plagued with issues, which has prevented the entire squadron from flying,

As a result, during the 18 months leading up to June 2022, these aircraft were “not ready for duty” a total of 234 times.

The squadron was grounded 172 times as a result of a poor sortie rate brought on by mechanical difficulties. Another 62 times, the flight was successful, but there were still issues that prevented it from completing the objective.

Only 12 days on average, and 11 days in the first half of this year, have these fifth-generation stealth aircraft been in use.

After the information was released, the lawmakers said the South Korean military “should not only strive to introduce modern weapons systems, but should also focus on maintaining these systems.” Despite numerous technical problems, the ROK Air Force responded that the F-35A fleet is achieving a mission completion rate of up to 75%.

On March 25, 2022, after North Korea launchedHwasongpho-17 . intercontinental ballistic missile, South Korea immediately conducted a parade of 28/40 F-35As with the slogan “Invisible power protects Korea”.

South Korea’s F-35A squadron is currently landing at Cheongju Air Base, southeast of Seoul. This number of fighters was purchased by Korea from the US in 2014 with the quantity of 40 units, and has just completed delivery in early January this year.

Just a few days after the US handed over all 40 F-35A fighters to South Korea, the country’s F-35A fleet was suspended for the first time in a year, due to a problem related to the landing gear system. plane landing.

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