The military in Russia has been told to halt attacking Donetsk

According to Pravda, Russian forces have abruptly been ordered to halt offensive operations on multiple fronts, particularly in the Donetsk region.

On October 13, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Soldiers announced that one of the factors contributing to the decision to halt Russia’s offensive operation was the low morale of the reinforcements and the failures of Russian forces on the battlefield.

In the meantime, Ukraine asserts that in just one day, 420 Russian servicemen were killed. In the vicinity of Tokmak in the province of Zaporizhzhia, Ukrainian forces also attacked three Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems and a control group. The Russian soldiers who were hurt were transferred to a nearby hospital. Up to 150 Russian soldiers may have been killed in the Tokarivka neighbourhood of adjacent Kherson as a consequence of precise strikes by Ukrainian forces, according to Ukraine.

The Russians carried out 3 missile strikes and 21 air strikes, as well as about 104 attacks using multiple rocket launchers.

Russia also deployed cruise missiles, air-to-ground and air defense missiles, as well as Iranian-made unmanned aerial vehicles, to carry out attacks on Ukraine.

Ukrainian forces repelled Russian attacks in the vicinity of Bakhmutske, Ozarianivka, Ivanhrad, Bakhmut and Marinka.

Ukrainian aircraft carried out 32 airstrikes on October 12, hitting 25 Russian weapons and equipment concentration areas and 7 air defense systems, 5 aircraft and 26 UAVs.

Ukraine’s Missile and Artillery Forces attacked six Russian command posts, seven Russian troops, weapons and equipment, and four ammunition storage sites. Russian artillery and electronic warfare systems, as well as a number of other military targets, were also attacked by Ukraine.

The General Staff also reports that up to 30 damaged armored vehicles arrive for repair at a Russian repair shop near Kalanchak in Kherson every day.

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