Why did the US refuse Poland’s offer to share nuclear weapons?

The Chinese newspaper said that the US “dumped cold water” on Poland’s offer to share nuclear weapons and this disappointed Warsaw.

The proposal to the US to share nuclear weapons with Poland to guard against Russia received an unexpected response from Washington, the Chinese newspaper Baijiahao reported.

The Ukraine conflict has become the starting point of a period of increasing tension between Russia and the West. Europe is facing an economic and energy crisis, but it continues to pour weapons into Ukraine.

As analysts of the Chinese-language publication note, economic dependence on the Russian Federation does not allow European countries to openly threaten Moscow. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

“Russia can force some European countries to compromise through sanctions with ‘energy weapons’. But there are some EU countries that keep a very tough attitude, for example, Poland,” the article said.

As is known, on October 5, 2022, Polish President Andrzej Duda said that Warsaw intends to participate in the program of joint use of nuclear weapons in NATO.

Mr. Duda said that negotiations are underway with the US on Poland’s participation in the Nuclear Sharing program, under which the Union countries allow the deployment of US nuclear weapons on their territory.

“This is extremely dangerous for Moscow. As soon as Poland acquires nuclear weapons, Russia will face a direct nuclear threat,” said Chinese analysts.

Before the development, Russian authorities called the move reckless and warned of immediate response if nuclear warheads appeared in Eastern Europe. However, soon after, the reaction given by the US was quite unexpected.

“The US unexpectedly rejected the Polish proposal. It is clear that Washington does not intend to cause such a serious situation of tension with Moscow, which could lead to the severance of relations with the country,” the publication Baijiahao wrote.

Of course, America today is still the number one power in terms of combined economic and military power. The leaders in Washington always seek to exert the greatest influence anywhere in the world, they are ready to use military assets for this purpose.

Even so, Washington understands that Moscow’s response to the appearance of nuclear weapons on its borders is very strong, a response that will be devastating, even for the number one power.

“Russia has the potential to cost the United States, especially considering Moscow’s largest nuclear arsenal in the world. Therefore, Washington cannot ignore the nuclear threat to Moscow by deploying this weapon in Poland,” the Chinese-language publication explained.

However, experts also warn that the US position may change if Russian officials keep up with threats of using nuclear weapons to protect territories they annexed from Ukraine.

At that time, the US and NATO can take advantage to bring nuclear weapons closer to the Russian border at an increasingly closer distance.

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