A series of Iranian missiles following the suicide UAV will reach the Russian military?

Iran’s missiles will be imported by Russia after Tehran provides Moscow with a series of suicide unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is a scenario that is being mentioned by international media.

Iranian missiles when combined with drones produced by this country will significantly increase the combat power of the Russian Army on the Ukrainian battlefield.

On October 10, 2022, Russia launched more than 80 missiles and several dozen Iranian Shahed-136 suicide drones into Ukrainian territory, after which the intensity of the air strikes gradually decreased.

“Experts believe that the Russian Armed Forces do not have enough missiles and drones to maintain such high combat intensity for a long time,” the US publication The Drive reported.

Russia’s defense production capacity is being limited by Western sanctions, in the context of which observers expect Tehran to become a supplier of various types of missiles to Moscow.

In addition to suicide drones, the Iranian missile source could be a significant addition to Moscow’s dwindling long-range missile arsenal.

The publication The Drive focuses its attention on the fact that over the weekend it was the Iranian media that started talking about the country being able to deliver ballistic missiles to Russia.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian side alleges that the attack on the village of Bogorodichnoye in the Donetsk region showed signs of a Khyber Shikan medium-range ballistic missile with a range of 1,450 km, which was only launched by Iran in February 2022. Russia and Iran have not yet responded to this information.

In addition, American experts predict that Russia has used up most of the Kh-555 long-range cruise missile arsenal because they are rarely used in Ukraine, Moscow often launches Kh-101 strategic cruise missiles but the cost is too expensive. , up to 13 million USD is a big obstacle.

“Overall, the lack of ground-attack cruise missiles in Russia’s long-range aviation forces has led them to use Cold War-era Kh-22 anti-ship missiles against ground targets.”

“The peak of the air strikes using Kh-22 (and possibly the improved Kh-32) was in the summer of this year when 200 of these missiles were fired. The number of weapons left. from the Soviet era are substantial, but their shelf life is nearing the end”.

“Launching Kh-22 missiles is cheaper and more useful than removing them, although the accuracy of this weapon is limited, especially compared with modern cruise or ballistic missiles.”, The Drive emphasized.

The American publication emphasizes that Tehran’s development of more and more advanced long-range ballistic missiles has become a familiar and important element in broader geopolitical links in the Middle East.

Along with cruise missiles and UAVs, Iran’s ballistic missiles are designed for deterrence, they have been used by Iran and its allies and have shown considerable capability.

At the same time, Iran has a really huge missile stockpile, and Russia may be interested in even obsolete models of missiles with low accuracy to make up for its depleted stockpile.

“Iran has many types of cruise and ballistic missiles with different ranges and warheads. Tehran can supply them to Russia, and even if many of them are shot down,” The Drive concluded.

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