Russia uses one of the most secret anti-artillery systems in Ukraine

Russia’s unique anti-artillery system has been successfully tested on the Ukrainian battlefield, according to the announcement.

One of the most unique and secret Russian anti-artillery systems – the 1B76 Penicillin thermosonic reconnaissance complex has been used on the territory of Ukraine and has shown high efficiency in combat operations.

This is a counter-combat complex, which differs from all similar foreign products in its unique technology in detecting attack launching points and artillery positions of Ukrainian artillery.

A source in the RIA Novosti news agency said: “Penicillin complexes have proven highly effective in the framework of counter-arrival combat against the artillery of the Ukrainian Army, including artillery systems used by NATO countries. “.

A representative of Ruselectronics Corporation – the developer and manufacturer of the Penicillin complex said that thermoacoustic reconnaissance will allow the detection of targets at a distance of up to 38 km, the time to deploy to the combat position is only about 20 minutes.

In artillery formations, to scout the position of enemy batteries, traditional specialized functional radars will be widely used to track the flight path and landing position of artillery shells.

Through the interpolation algorithm, old-generation artillery radar stations can determine the position of the projectile’s launch point. However, such weapons are very easy to be suppressed by electronic warfare (EW) systems, even receiving counterattacks from enemy artillery.

Whereas Penicillin works on a completely different principle – it calculates the enemy’s firing position, recording sound waves and heat waves generated by a shot of a gun, cannon, or when a bullet explodes.

Target coordinates are automatically calculated, then the data is entered on an electronic map, allowing the exact location of the enemy to be determined similar to a traditional artillery reconnaissance radar.

The biggest effect of the so-called thermoacoustic reconnaissance method is that it does not reveal the location of the complex, all its equipment works only in receive mode, making it impossible for the enemy to use combat electrons against them.

The entire reconnaissance process of the Penicillin complex takes place in no more than 5 seconds thanks to being equipped with a computer with a powerful microprocessor, significantly improving the reaction time for artillery.

The reconnaissance complex is placed on the KamAZ truck chassis with a maximum travel speed of 90 km/h. According to the developer, Penicillin can work effectively at any time of day and in a wide temperature range of -40 to 50 degrees Celsius.

The system configuration includes a sound meter, and a heat signal detector (both on the KamAZ chassis). Although the quantitative technical composition of the complex will vary, the structure can include up to 6 vehicles of each type.

Currently, the new Penicillin complex is only very limited for the Russian Army for testing purposes, most likely Moscow wants to use the Ukrainian battlefield to further perfect this special weapon.

However, it should be noted that there is no evidence that the Penicillin complex has a really effective performance on the Ukrainian battlefield, we will need to observe more Russian moves with this system if it is mass produced. series is considered a sign of excellent performance.

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