World record: The Russian S-300V4 air defence system downed the Ukrainian Su-27 fighter from a record distance.

A Ukrainian Su-27 aircraft was shot down by the Russian S-300V4 air defence system at a distance of more than 200 kilometres, setting a new world record.

Ukraine’s Su-27 fighter failed in a fight with the Russian S-300V4 air defense missile system. The above information was shared by US military experts from Military Watch magazine.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the independent state of Ukraine inherited a large number of military aircraft of all kinds, including the Su-27 Flanker, which is considered the best fighter in the world at that time.

According to American experts, the duel that took place a short time ago between a Ukrainian Su-27 armed with American AGM-88 anti-radar missiles and the Russian S-300V4 air defense system led to very good results worthy of attention.

Analysts of the American publication said: “A Ukrainian Su-27 fighter carrying US anti-radar missiles recently had a confrontation with the Russian S-300V4 air defense complex.”

Military Watch reports that Ukraine’s Su-27 fighters, due to their old age and outdated avionics, are rarely used in air battles with other fighters.

Even so, they can still be used to strike ground targets through controlled or unguided weapons. A similar method was carried out by the Ukrainian Air Force a few days ago.

According to American journalists, a Ukrainian Su-27 armed with American AGM-88 missiles approached the Russian border at a low altitude, and the fighter was flying with another aircraft – Su-24MR. However, the squadron encountered the Russian S-300V4 air defense system.

“The Su-27 was moving at a very low altitude, but was attacked by the Russian air defense system using the S-300V4 complex and shot down. The second Su-24MR was also shot down,” the experts said.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine later confirmed the loss of a Su-27 fighter along with a Su-24MR reconnaissance aircraft, but they did not announce that the reason they crashed was due to anti-aircraft missiles or injections

According to military experts, it seems that the squadron of Ukrainian fighters was intercepted and shot down at a distance of about 217 km, which is one of the longest interceptions in history if the information is confirmed.

S-300V4 uses two types of missiles capable of hitting targets at a distance of more than 200 km – 48N6DM with a range of 250 km and 40N6 with a range of 400 km. Both missiles are very fast and can hit high-speed targets.

However, the firing radar of the S-300V4 complex is said to be unable to guide the missile to accurately hit a highly maneuverable target like the Su-27 fighter at such a long distance.

It is not excluded that the Ukrainian fighter squadron was shot down by a Russian fighter, and for some difficult reason, the achievement was calculated for the long-range anti-aircraft missile battery S-300V4.

It is known that the S-300V4 is an army air defense system, it is mounted on a highly cross-country tracked armored vehicle chassis to keep up with and protect the advancing formations of motorized divisions.

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