Strong Chunmoo K239 rocket artillery is what Poland hopes to use to “suppress” Russia.

In the near future,300 South Korean Chunmoo K239 rocket artillery is anticipated to join the Polish Army’s combat division.

Poland will execute a contract with Korea to purchase and transfer technology for the manufacturing of Chunmoo K239 rocket artillery in addition to the US contract for 500 HIMARS systems because Washington cannot ensure prompt delivery. Out of the 300 weapon systems produced by Hanwha Defense Corporation, 18 Chunmoo K239 MRL complexes are anticipated to be produced and delivered by Korea in the first batch. They will be incorporated into the Jelcz truck chassis from Poland.

The integration of the Chunmoo K239 guided rocket launchers into the Polish defence system and attaining full combat capabilities are anticipated to occur in 2023, according to the approved schedule. The deal signing will take place between October 17 and 19, 2022, according to the Warsaw-based press. Mariusz Blaszczak, the defence minister of Poland, will then travel to South Korea to take part in the formal delivery of K2 tanks and K9 self-propelled howitzers.

The welcoming ceremony for the visitor from Warsaw will be overseen by South Korea’s Minister of Defense, Lee Yong-sup. There will also be discussion of Poland and South Korea’s potential future defence cooperation. The first Polish K2PL tanks and K9 self-propelled howitzers will be officially handed over on October 19, 2022. Both upgraded variants of the K2PL and K9PL self-propelled howitzers were ordered by Poland from Warsaw.

The Chunmoo K239 is a Korean guided rocket artillery system (MRLS) that Hanwha Defense Corporation created in 2013 to replace the K136 Kooryong, which was rendered obsolete. This weapon system has been operational in South Korea since 2015. Additionally, the United Arab Emirates run this system and have purchased a total of 12 complexes. Additionally, Norway is another prospective client for Chunmoo K239

Despite the fact that 218 systems have been constructed so far, the Chunmoo K239 MRL system has no combat history. This MLRS complex weighs 31 tonnes, measures 9 metres in length, and employs a three-person crew. This is a standout feature when compared to the M142 HiMARS or M270 MLRS since it allows the Chunmoo K239 MRLS system to shoot rocket rounds of various calibres, making it highly adaptable in use to destroy any individual object.

The Chunmoo K239 is equipped with missiles with ranges ranging from 36 km to 290 km, including the 131 mm (K33), 230 mm (KM26A2), 239 mm (GPS-aided INS), 400 mm (GPS-aided INS), and 600 mm (KTSSM-II). The 600 mm diameter KTSSM-II, the system’s newest and largest missile, is a tactical ballistic missile being developed with features similar to those of the US MG-140 ATACMS.

Poland’s decision to purchase Korean guided rocket artillery demonstrates how Warsaw is quickly growing to be Seoul’s top partner in the arms trade, and they can expect to receive a tonne of fantastic benefits. The largest benefit of purchasing weapons from Seoul rather than Washington is that Korea has agreed to share technology and encourage local production in addition to supplying a complete system to Poland.

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