In the last two days, Ukraine claims to have shot down 86% of Russian suicide drones.

Kiev claims to have shot down 86% of Russian suicide drones that have struck targets in Ukraine during the last two days.

According to Yurii Ihnat, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Armed Troops Command, as reported in Ukrainska Pravda on October 17, Kiev forces have shot down 37 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that the Russian side has been using to assault targets in Ukraine since the evening of October 16.

All Ukrainian forces and resources, including aircraft, air defence systems, and self-defense forces, were involved in intercepting UAVs. At least 86% of the UAVs shot down were Shahed, which is a pretty good result, he said. “Of the 43 UAVs – all from the south – (attacking Ukraine),” he continued, “were destroyed.

You shouldn’t shoot the UAV from the window because doing so could cause other people to be hit, the Ukrainian official urged. “Let the army do their job.”

The statement by Mr. Ihnat was made in light of the recent ongoing strikes by Russia against Ukrainian military, energy, and communications sites using high-precision missiles and suicide UAVs. . On October 17, Russian military conducted three regional raids on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. The power has been cut off in hundreds of residential areas, according to Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal.

Five drone strikes have been noted in Kiev, according to Shmyhal. The electricity infrastructure was harmed. Additionally, Russia carried out missile attacks on Dnipropetrovsk and Sumy’s vital infrastructure.

According to Shmyhal, regional Ukrainian authorities are striving to deal with the effects of the strikes and restore power.

Every region has a plan for responding to emergencies, and he urged Ukrainians to do the same in order to stabilise the energy system. This was especially important during peak hours.

The Russian raids this morning caused damage to the energy infrastructure in central and northern Ukraine.

Herman Halushchenko, Ukraine’s Minister of Energy, had previously stated that Kiev needed to block off the airspace over power plants and other energy infrastructure in order to reduce the possibility of a future attack by Russian forces.

In addition, Mr. Halushchenko asked Ukrainians to cut back on their daily use of electricity, particularly between the hours of 17 and 23.

This will assist in restoring and stabilising the power structure that Russia is attempting to undermine, he said.

In recent weeks, Kiev and the West have made claims that Russia has bought a large number of Shahed suicide drones from Iran in order to launch assaults over Ukraine.

The Southern Operations Command of Ukraine spokeswoman Nataliia Humeniuk earlier stated: “Russia is trying to use this type of UAV to attack critical infrastructure, leaving us without water, heat (heating), and electricity. Drones destroy targets by burning, not through an explosion. That’s why they use this weapon to attack infrastructure targets, because they cause less of an impact in places where people gather.”

Russia and Iran have consistently denied using UAVs that were bought from Tehran for military activities in Ukraine.

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