The US Ohio-class strategic nuclear submarine appeared in the Arabian Sea to warn Iran – Russia?

 The United States has just announced that the ballistic missile submarine USS West Virginia (of the Ohion strategic nuclear submarine class) is present in the Arabian Sea, an unusual move that appears to be intended to send a warning signal to Russia-Iran.

The operation and route of nuclear submarines, especially Ohio-class strategic nuclear submarines, are always kept secret by the US because they need to be hidden as much as possible to maintain deterrence and be ready to strike first to the enemy when needed.

The location and image of the submarine have only been released by the US on rare occasions when regional and international tensions escalate.

Ohio-class strategic nuclear submarines have been used by Washington to send signals to allies and adversaries in the past, but the US Navy often publishes pictures of ships converted to carry cruise missiles, instead of submarines. for revealing the operation of ballistic missile carriers.

The information was published amid high tensions between the US and Russia due to the conflict in Ukraine, while Washington and Tehran also constantly argued around accusations that Iran transferred suicide drones (UAVs) to kill themselves. Russia uses it in war.

Some military experts believe that the information that the USS West Virginia is on a mission in the Arabian Sea may also be a response to Russia.

“The true signal behind CENTCOM’s announcement is not yet certain. However, publicly announcing the presence of one of the most powerful US strategic offensive platforms in the Arabian Sea is a very move. unusual, showing that part of Washington’s nuclear triad is always ready to act when necessary,” said military expert Joseph Trevithick.

Russia holds the record for the largest super submarine in the world, but the US holds the record for having a nuclear submarine with destructive power, an Ohio-class strategic submarine of the US capable of wiping out an entire continent.

Until now, the Ohio-class submarine is still the weapon carrying the most terrible nuclear missile arsenal in the world.

It is known that each Trident II D-5 nuclear ballistic missile is capable of carrying from 8 to 14 independent nuclear warheads.

Each warhead has a maximum yield of 475kt, while the nuclear bomb dropped to obliterate the Japanese city of Hiroshima only has an explosive equivalent of 12kt.

An Ohio-class strategic nuclear submarine capable of carrying up to 24 Trident II nuclear missiles.

With this total number of nuclear warheads, an Ohio-class nuclear submarine can produce as much destruction as the total number of bombs used by both sides in World War II.

And so once they concentrated their missile attack, even a continent would be wiped out.

To carry such a huge arsenal, Ohio strategic nuclear submarines have a full load displacement of up to 18,450 tons, 170 m long, and up to 13 m wide.

They carry 155 officers and sailors, this ship can dive to a depth of 300m.

According to the specifications, the ship can maneuver underwater at a speed of more than 20 knots (20 knots). In fact, Ohio submarines can accelerate to 25 knots (25 knots).

The avionics include the AN/BQQ-6 supersonic marine reconnaissance radar, a modern upgraded variant of the AN/BQQ-5 sonar installed in multi-purpose submarines.

In submarines, the sonar works mainly in a passive mode – receiving sonar signals.

Since 2002, the submarine USS Ohio has been the only long-range ballistic missile-carrying ship in service with the United States Navy.

In addition, they are also equipped with 4 self-protecting torpedo tubes. The torpedo tubes are located in the bow of the ship with a slight angle of inclination to the plane of the ship.

The torpedo base is 8 rounds of Mk-48, used to fight submarines and surface ships.

The US Navy currently builds 18 Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs).

After the end of the Cold War, the US decided to convert four Ohio-class submarines, remove Trident ballistic missiles and equip them with Tomahawk land attack cruise missiles (TLAMs).

After being upgraded, each converted Ohio-class submarine can carry 154 Tomahawks in 22 out of 24 missile launchers, more cruise missiles than a fleet of surface ships.

All of these missiles can be launched in salvos from underwater within 6 minutes, which is enough to create a powerful pre-emptive strike against the enemy.

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