Ukraine displays the capability of its RM-70 Vampire rocket artillery system.

The Czech Republic’s donation of RM-70 Vampire multiple rocket launchers to Ukraine will aid Kiev in fortifying its fortifications to withstand assaults by Russian forces in the Donbass region.

A recent video from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense shows the RM-70 Vampire multiple launch rocket system launching ambushes on the Russian soldiers’ strongholds in the Donbass. The employment of the RM-70 Vampire by Ukraine is reported to be entirely supported by the Czech Republic. Excalibur Army, a military contractor, developed and produced the RM-70, a 122 mm multiple rocket launcher that has been in use by the Czech army since 2016. According to Military Cognizance, the artillery system is built to assault armoured vehicles, artillery batteries, and a variety of targets.

The RM-70 Vampire weighs 25.89 tonnes, measures 9.97 metres long, 2.5 metres wide, and 2.7 metres tall. With a 360 horsepower Tatra T3C diesel engine and a Tatra 813 (8×8) truck chassis as its foundation, the RM-70 Vampire can travel at a top speed of 85 km/h with a range of 1,000 km. RM-70 Due to its tremendous mobility, vampires can traverse barriers that are 0.6 m high, climb a 60% slope, and span a trench that is 1.5 m wide and 1.4 m deep. The RM-70’s structure is divided into two sections: To shield soldiers from light infantry weapons, bomb fragments, and artillery fire, the front of the vehicle is armoured. 40 122 mm rocket launchers are deployed in the complex’s back area. Four people make up the combat crew of the vehicle.

The 122 mm HE-FRAG missile used by the RM-70 Vampire has a maximum range of 20 km, a length of 2.87 m, a weight of 66.35 kg, including 18.4 kg for the warhead. The RM-70 Vampire can also fire cluster, incendiary, and illuminating shots in addition to standard bullets.

It only takes the RM-70 Vampire three minutes to depart the battle position and less than 2.5 minutes to be ready to fire. It has a less-than-30-second firing rate for 40 rockets. The Czech military equipped the RM-70 Vampire with an automatic reloading system to improve its combat effectiveness. Reloading 40 rockets only takes a few seconds.

A number of contemporary systems, including a central tyre pressure regulation system, NBC protection system, and fire control system are also included with the RM-70 Vampire.

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