Russia’s secret target through missile attack on Ukraine

According to reports, Russia’s real covert goal is being concealed by its missile attacks on Ukraine.

Russia is tackling a very important secret target through missile attacks on critical Ukrainian infrastructure. The above opinion was given by a military expert, and a former Romanian fighter pilot – Mr. Valentin Vasilescu.

Vasilescu noted that an important role in the ongoing events in Ukraine is played by American aerial reconnaissance vehicles, namely the E-8 Joint STARS target designation and combat control aircraft.

This type of aircraft is equipped with radar that allows simultaneous tracking of 600 ground targets, will record the movement of Russian military equipment, and transmit data to the Ukrainian Army about the position, speed, and direction of movement of the Russian military. enemy.

NATO’s aerial reconnaissance network includes many aircraft of all kinds, in addition to the E-8 mentioned above, there are also E-3 AWCS, EC-135, and RQ-4B… constantly patrolling the northern part of the Black Sea and Romania’s border with Poland.

They are combined into a single network, through which the received data is sent to ground stations located in Ukraine. The Romanian expert believes that the destruction of Ukrainian communications and NATO air reconnaissance forces is taken very seriously by Russia.

It can even be said that this is the secret target of Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure. Some time ago, announcements appeared that such actions had yielded results.

“In a press release dated October 18, 2022, the spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Defense – Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov said that they destroyed the space communication station of the Ukrainian Government Communications Center, located in the area. Odessa,” said Valentin.

Following the above statement, another moment is known. Ukraine’s air defense system has not been able to effectively cope with the attacks of the Geran-2 suicide UAV; they are actually disabled and cannot protect ground targets.

This is due to the fact that NATO early warning aircraft can no longer provide Ukraine with the necessary information in real-time, leaving Kyiv unable to deal with Russian drones.

The Russian military has disabled Ukraine’s vital energy infrastructure over the past two weeks. As a result, the network of ground data terminals used by the Ukrainian armed forces and air reconnaissance may soon become unavailable.

The goal that Russia pursues is to gain a strategic surprise advantage, Moscow wants to deprive Ukraine of the opportunity to receive real-time data from NATO reconnaissance vehicles about the activities of the Russian Army.

The practical implementation of the principle of strategic surprise will require the Russian Army to conduct a daring operation in a large maneuverable space, the analyst added.

Valentin Vasilescu stated that, after the Russian Army gains an advantage in the form of a strategic surprise, it can move on to the next stage – establishing control over other regions of Ukraine.

The analyst believes that in theory, the task of controlling Ukraine can be achieved through the fulfillment of two goals. First, Ukraine’s western border needs to be secured.

The Russian armed forces can achieve this by maneuvering similar to what took place in the early days of the special operation. The goal is feasible because now 80-85% of the forces of western Ukraine have been deployed to the southern and eastern fronts.

This operation will include the early opening of communication lines, in order to ensure a high advance rate – 100 km/day and to pass through major cities with garrison units on the territory of Ukraine.

Simultaneously with the security of the western border, an attack in the direction of Poltava – Dnieper could begin. This would allow Russia to isolate Kyiv from the rest of the country, and the Ukrainian army groups in Kharkiv, Donbass, Zaporizhzhia, and Kryvyi Rih would be squeezed.

“In a scenario that develops such events, the city of Odessa will be surrounded and Ukraine will have no choice but to surrender,” commented Romanian expert Valentin Vasilescu.

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