Russian colonel highly appreciates Iskander-M missile power

Russian Colonel Sergei Khatylev gave high praise about the effectiveness of the Iskander-M missile.

The legendary Iskander-M missile complex will become even more powerful through the modernization process. The potential of this weapon is forecasted to expand through the addition of new-generation ammunition.

The Iskander-M tactical ballistic missile systems can serve the Russian Army for another 30 years due to constant upgrades. This was announced by the chief designer of the Science and Production Corporation “Mechanical Design Bureau” – Mr. Valery Kashin.

“I think we will work to improve the combat capabilities of the Iskander-M by introducing new, more advanced missiles into the armament of the complex,” Kashin stressed.

The main purpose of the Iskander-M is to destroy the enemy’s air defense and missile defense systems and the objects under the protection of these weapons complexes.

The Iskander-M complex uses the 9M723 high-altitude super-mobile ballistic missile, it is also equipped with decoys to overcome air defense systems, and a mixed guidance mechanism that helps the missile achieve a circle of error only. 5-7 meters, while the range is up to 500 km.

In an interview with PolitExpert (PE), Colonel in the reserve force Sergei Khatylev listed the most outstanding aspects of the modernized Iskander-M complex:

“All characteristics, both in terms of range and flight path, have been improved. The missile maneuvers well at all altitudes and speeds, and it is also equipped with measures to deceive enemy anti-aircraft ammunition.”

“New combat equipment and weapons in the guidance system are also being put into use, which makes the missile capable of carrying a tactical nuclear warhead.”

“Now, Iskander is using 2 out of 7 types of missiles that are planned to be equipped. The projectile is capable of hitting small targets at a range of 500 km and even further with an error of less than 10 m. The test is currently underway,” Khatylev said.

According to the military expert, Iskander was originally designed to destroy air defense complexes, headquarters, and garrison groups the current versions of the complex are not the same as the original when added. feature against moving objects.

The new generation of missiles is distinguished by its incredible speed: “the enemy will not have time to come to his senses because the Iskander-M has already caused irreparable damage, I give this weapon a high score. especially when it has proven effective in Ukraine,” Khatylev emphasized.

The expert added: “This weapon is not used on a large scale, but for the most important purposes. Iskander has the ability to switch combat status for a short time, up to 5 minutes, and immediately attack a previously designated target from a satellite.”

“The above time period is too short for NATO weapons systems serving in the Ukrainian Army to respond. While the enemy hesitates, Iskander can fire immediately and cause irreparable damage, more than the enemy’s resistance will no longer be,” Khatylev emphasized.

The military analyst notes that the Iskander-M can quickly neutralize an air unit in the base in just about two or three seconds. The computer built into the projectile works continuously, processing the coordinates of the targets given to it.

To improve the combat effectiveness of this weapon, perfect high-speed intelligence is required, that is, a unified array of drones, satellites, and command and control systems is required for smooth coordination.

According to Colonel Khatylev, the power that the Iskander-M tactical ballistic missile complex demonstrated on the Ukrainian battlefield shows that it is one of the most successful Russian weapons.

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