Russian forces demolish a Ukrainian command centre and 100,000 tonnes of oil storage.

Ukrainian military targets have suffered significant damage as a result of Russian military ambushes using precision munitions.

During a briefing on the military situation on October 24, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, stated that over the previous 24 hours, joint military attacks with the help of Russian fighter jets, missiles, and artillery caused significant damage to the Ukrainian army.

“Four Ukrainian army command posts have been destroyed in the Kharkov, Kherson, and Nikolaiev districts by coordinated operations using tactical aviation, rockets, and artillery. The Russian military destroyed a sizable Ukrainian ammunition and weapons storage at the Kharkov village of Dvurechnaya “Konashenkov, the general, disclosed.

According to Konashenkov, on October 23, the Russian military attacked a major oil storage housing more than 100,000 tonnes of jet fuel for the Ukrainian Air Force. In addition, the Dnipro province’s ground operations diesel fuel storage facility was destroyed.

The Ukrainian army conducted several raids on Russian military positions in the Kharkov and Krasny Liman districts, according to a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry. These raids, nevertheless, were repelled. Russian defence forces kept several Ukrainian military vehicles and men out of the fray.

The protection of Russian soldiers from Ukrainian army fire raids has been accomplished during the past day by the Russian air defence forces.

“Three drones were shot down above the communities of Yagodnoye in Kharkov, Shevchenko, and Maliy Kermenchik in the Donetsk People’s Republic in the past twenty-four hours by Russian air defence troops. Additionally, the HIMARS rocket from which 21 missiles were launched was also intercepted “According to Lieutenant General Konashenkov.

More than 6,000 Ukrainian army tanks and armoured vehicles have been destroyed by Russian forces, according to Konashenkov, who also claimed that since Moscow started its special military operation in Ukraine.

General Konashenkov reported that since the military operation started, 325 aircraft, 162 helicopters, 2,326 drones, 383 surface-to-air missile systems, 6,020 armoured vehicles, 874 rocket launchers, 3,521 howitzers, and mortars, as well as 6,741 military vehicles of the Ukrainian army, had been destroyed.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has not yet responded to Lieutenant General Konashenkov’s aforementioned statements.

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