New Delhi preps to roll out next-generation Tejas next year

It is anticipated that India will have its first Tejas Mk2 fighter prototype ready and ready to fly by the following year, which will be sufficient to replace the nation’s outdated fleet of MiG-29, Mirage-2000, and Jaguar aircraft in the air force. It is the goal of the Mk2 update to not be as unfortunate as the Mk1. India launched a long effort to get Tejas Mk2 The company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited [HAL] created a fresh, endorsed design, establishing the fundamental concepts.
In the upcoming years, perhaps three to four prototypes will be made, and India intends to purchase six squadrons of Tejas Mk2. The life cycles of the MiG-29, Mirage-2000, and Jaguar come to an end in 2035. The nation’s pilots will use its own fighter jets up until that time. However, when pressure from the Indian government began, things were not simple for HAL. According to a source, New Delhi wants to complete and lower production costs for the Tejas Mk2 as soon as possible.
According to reports, 16 nations have expressed interest in the new fighter plane developed by India, according to Dr. V. Madhusudana Rao, LCA Mk2 Project Manager at the Aviation Development Authority (ADA). HAL is employing a reverse method to hasten the deployment of the aircraft into battle. For instance, the new weapon may be available before the first prototype of the Tejas Mk2 flies, allowing it to take off in full battle gear.
Foreign investment is now possible as a result. If there is a chance for a collaboration, India won’t reject them. New Delhi is of the opinion that taking such measures will encourage the project to be finished on schedule. The first four prototypes must pass all of their tests by 2027, which is a crucial year. Before mass production can begin until then, all problems and uncertainties must be clarified and resolved. An industry insider, though, voiced concerns about the plane’s challenging future. Customers will particularly adore the Tejas Mk2, although they might not buy it straight away. The main cause is a lack of combat expertise.
The French-built Dassault Rafale, a superb fighter but one that Paris struggled to sell, will probably be the Tejas Mk2’s model. Following that, France took part in a number of military operations in Africa and the Middle East to show off this kind of aircraft’s capabilities. The aforementioned truth altered all marketing initiatives, and sales started to improve. India has the chance to follow suit. However, if Tejas Mk2 simply takes part in joint exercises with partner nations, it won’t be sufficient. The aircraft will need to demonstrate its fighting prowess on a global scale, not just locally. The plane now looks fantastic, but only on paper. It appears more desirable thanks to effective weaponry like the Scalp, Crystal Maze, and Spice-2000 as well as the native Astra Mark 1 and Mark 2 air-to-air missiles scheduled for integration. Advanced electronic warfare equipment and anti-radiation missiles will be equipped on the aircraft. Uttam AESA radar made in the country will be integrated. The GE-F414 INS6 engine and thrust rating of 98 kN are expected to allow the Tejas Mk2 to reach a peak speed of up to Mach 1.8. In addition to the model for the Indian Air Force, New Delhi will also create the navy derivative of the Tejas Mk2 fighter to outfit future local carriers.

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