Iran claims hypersonic missiles can reach Tel Aviv (Israel) in 7 minutes

Iranian media outlets with links to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps are threatening to launch attacks on Israel with hypersonic missiles amid rising tensions between the two rival countries.

Last week, the Commander of the Aerospace Forces of Iran ‘s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps , Amir Ali Hajizadeh, announced Iran had developed its first national hypersonic ballistic missile.

This commander was the first to announce a brand new hypersonic missile developed by Iran itself. Tasnim news agency quoted him as saying: “The new missile will overcome all missile defense systems. I do not think that in the coming decades there will be technology capable of stopping this missile.”

Less than 7 minutes

The Sobh-e-Sadegh newspaper, believed to have links to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, implicitly presented a threat to Israel by implying that Iran’s new hypersonic missile could reach Israel in just a few minutes. 400 seconds (approximately 7 minutes).

Notably, the above article is presented in Hebrew even though its author is an Iranian defense expert Not only that, it also appeared on the front page of the newspaper.

The author of the article then mentioned hypersonic missiles as a game changer because they can overcome most modern air defense systems.

For its part, Israel deploys some of the most modern air defense systems in the world, including the Iron Dome system. Systems such as the Iron Dome are sought after in the international market. Even the Ukrainian military now wants to own this weapon.

However, hypersonic missiles have so far been unstoppable. These rockets travel five times faster than the speed of sound and follow an unpredictable path.

Neither Israel nor the US currently possess operational hypersonic weapons. Meanwhile, Russia and Iran possess such weapons. North Korea is believed to have tested a hypersonic missile.

If the information given by Iran is true, this is the fourth country in the world to possess this weapon, before even modern and rich countries like the US and Israel.

Iran’s hypersonic technology can create new pressure on its rivals

The US and some international institutions have downplayed the Iranian commander’s statement about the development of hypersonic missiles.

Speaking at the United Nations COP27 climate conference in Egypt, the Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said: “We find that all these statements have the effect of increasing attention. concerns and concerns over Iran’s nuclear program.”

However, it seems that Iran is not just word of mouth. An expert on Iran, who asked not to be named, said: “The supersonic vehicle flies over a shorter distance, so 400 seconds is possible.”

Hypersonic missile development and public threats in the press could increase tensions between Iran and regional rivals. Iran has suffered from Western economic sanctions for many years.

Hypersonic missile development and public threats in the press could increase tensions between Iran and regional rivals. Iran has suffered from Western economic sanctions for many years.

Meanwhile, Israel has issued a number of direct threats against Iran. In September 2022, then-Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid stood in front of an F-35 stealth fighter and declared: “If Iran continues to test us, they will discover weapons and long-range capabilities.” We will continue to act on the front against terrorism and against those who seek to harm us.”

The phrase “long-range weapon” refers to the F-35’s new capability, which is to fly long-range without refueling to target Iran’s nuclear facilities. Iran has prepared its air force, especially its F-35 depot, to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Israel and other Middle Eastern countries are jointly forming a Middle East Air Defense (MEAD) alliance to counter the threat posed by Iran and its proxies, as well as drones and missiles. diversity of Iran.

The alliance, still in its infancy, is officially recognized by the state of Israel and is being promoted by the United States.

Iran is currently under the attention of many countries because it is said to have supplied Russia with cheap UAVs and even ballistic missiles to help Russia strengthen its combat capabilities against Ukraine.

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