The C-Dome naval air defence system was successfully tested by Israel.

The C-Dome test was successful, which not only represents a significant advancement in the combat abilities of the Magen-class corvettes but also aids Israel in honing its multistage missile and air defence system.

The Sa’ar 6 class Israeli corvette INS Oz’s C-Dome air defence system has successfully completed its final test phase, according to the Israeli Defense Ministry and the Israeli Navy. It is well known that intercepting fictitious targets at sea serves as the test procedure.

Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system was created by Rafael. Program development started in 2005, and building work started in 2007. Iron Dome is made to defend targets from 155 mm artillery shells, rockets, and short-range ballistic missiles. In 2011, the missile defence system made its debut.

In a multistage air and missile defence system built on four operational defensive tiers—Iron Dome, David’s Sling, Arrow 2, and Arrow 3—the C-Dome adds another layer.

The C-Dome is outfitted with a launch system with 10 Tamir vertical launch interceptors contained in a module, making it capable of withstanding a large-scale barrage of strikes in both distant and coastal waters. Rafael, the device’s maker, claims that the system can rotate 360 degrees and launch rockets continually per second.

The 3 m long, 90 kg weight Tamir missile. It has a steering fin and a photoelectric sensor as well. The proximity fuse on the warhead enhances damage. It enables it to intercept even the most agile targets when combined with its rapid speed. The system recognises the trajectory of an approaching missile and fires an interceptor using the same technology as the land-based system but with improved performance. Instead of a separate fire control radar, the complex can make use of the ship’s surveillance radar. The combat management system of the ship can be integrated with command and control systems, enabling continuous, highly effective operation.

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