Ukraine assaults Donbass with TRLG-230 multiple launch rockets as deadly as HIMARS.

The TRLG-230 multiple launch rocket system, which has been utilised in the Donbass, is alleged to have been covertly transferred by Turkey to Ukraine.

According to a press conference held by the Russian Defense Ministry, Ukraine has just started attacking the Donbass with multiple launch rocket systems made in Turkey, the TRLG-230 MLRS. This weapon is comparable to the US HIMARS MLRS system in its ability to hit targets accurately at distances of up to 70 km. Ankara has given the TRLG-230 complexes to Kyiv in accordance with a previously agreed upon contract.

It was not made public how many launchers were covered by the contract. However, some reports claim that Ukraine received 12 TRLG-230 MLRS complexes from Turkey in the first shipment, which is equal to just under half of the HIMARS systems currently in use by the Ukrainian armed forces. Even once the weapons are in use, Turkey typically only provides minimal information about their supply of arms to Kiev. Analysts claim that it is impossible to identify such launches and that it is most likely the Turkish multiple launch missile system because the firing mechanism of the TRLG-230 MLRS is not significantly different from that of the US HIMARS.

Turkish sources claim that although the TRLG-230 MLRS was supposed to have been delivered to Ukraine in the summer, it wasn’t until the Russians revealed that the weapons had been used in combat that delivery was verified. Ukraine is reportedly receiving the Bayraktar TB2 drone in addition to the TRLG-230 MLRS system from Turkey. The 230 mm calibre ammunition used by Turkey’s TRLG-230 MLRS series-launched missile system weighs 210 kg with a 42 kg warhead, has a 55 mm damage radius, and can be fired up to 70 km away from the target with only a 2 m error.

Despite collaboration with Russia, Turkey also offers Ukraine with anti-aircraft missiles equipped with infrared leads that can destroy a variety of air targets, including helicopters, drones, and cruise missiles. The delivery of the weapons has not yet started, but a contract between Ukraine and Turkey has been signed. According to Russian sources, these are short-range air defence missiles of the Sungur type. The versatility of these Sungur missiles, which can be mounted on armoured vehicles, launched using MANPADS, and even built into the Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aircraft, is very amazing.

Turkey’s efforts to address the more important issues relating to the supply of weapons upon request from Ukraine continue, according to a clear statement on Russia’s Reporter page. According to recent sources, Baykar Tech attempted to assist Ukraine in fending off the threat posed by Shahed-136 suicide drones by supplying infrared-guided Sungur missiles. Regarding the information published by the Russian press regarding the supply of weapons to Ukraine, the Turkish side remained silent.

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