Amid the escalating war with Ukraine, Russia got new Su-30SM2 combat aircraft.

The Su-30SM2 is an improvement of the Su-30SM, and it is stated to have features that are nearly identical to those of a fighter from the fifth generation, including cutting-edge radar and communication equipment.

On November 21, the Russian Defense Ministry received a shipment from the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) of Su-30M2 fighter aircraft and Yak-130 combat trainers. There has been no explicit announcement regarding the quantity of these fighter batches.

An updated model of the Su-30SM2 is now in use by the Russian Aerospace Forces and Russian Navy.

“The new aircraft is equipped with sophisticated radio-electronic equipment. The upgrade is carried out in accordance with the mission of the Russian Ministry of Defense to enhance the combat capabilities of the aircraft. In particular, the detection and identification range. Air targeting has also been improved,” the Russian government statement said.

The source added that the Su-30SM2 fighter is capable of hitting air, land and sea targets with new smart weapons from a distance of several hundred kilometers.

The Su-30 SM2 is equipped with a multi-channel information and data transmission system that was developed for the 5th generation fighter. Thus, the pilot can transmit and receive commands with other aircraft, helicopters and with the station. ground commander. With this ability, Su-30SM2 can be considered as a modern mobile command point in the chain of tactical command posts.

In terms of weapons, the Su-30SM2 is equipped with high-precision missiles and high electronic warfare capabilities that help the aircraft avoid enemy missile attacks.

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