General Surovikin has become a ‘nightmare’ for the Ukrainian Army

The Ukrainian military is said to have encountered more difficulties since General Surovikin held the post of commander of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.

General Sergei Surovikin is becoming the biggest obstacle to the offensive of the Ukrainian Army. Expert Thomas Harding – an analyst at the National Interest (NI) has made the above comment.

Coming from an air force general instead of the traditional army, General Surovikin has a relatively special approach to combat operations, which focuses on using firepower to achieve goals.

As winter approaches, Russia continues to launch missile attacks aimed at destroying vital Ukrainian infrastructure. The raiding battles became more intense and this could force Kyiv to launch a sharp attack.

However, the Russian army occupied favorable defensive lines, making it almost impossible for the Ukrainian side to advance. Analysts of the NI newspaper commented that the offensive potential of the Ukrainian Army has been significantly reduced due to the pragmatism of the Commander of Special Military Operations.

Journalist Thomas Harding argues: “Russian General Sergei Surovikin is the biggest obstacle to the offensive of the Ukrainian armed forces to regain the lands controlled by the Russian Army.”

As the analyst recalls, the Russian Army was deployed to the left bank of the Dnieper River. Such a redeployment allows the Russian armed forces to take advantage of a natural barrier, the wide river, to form an effective line of defense.

The direct attack on such positions is extremely dangerous, especially in winter conditions because soldiers have to face the cold, the mud makes the armor inoperable and the firepower of the enemy is waiting. enemy.

“General Surovikin is a cautious man, and taking the initiative to withdraw troops from Kherson city to create a new line of defense was one of the first rational decisions made by the Russian Special Operations Command.”

The above comments were made by Sam Crannie-Evans, an analyst at Britain’s Royal Institute of Strategic Studies, who said that Russian troops are starting to regroup and make reasonable choices about which targets to target. need to be protected.

Many military experts believe that now the Ukrainian command is rapidly forming mechanized brigades. According to Mr. Harding, these forces could be used in the south, to cut Crimea from the land corridor.

But the aforementioned brigades risk encountering the Russian Army – which has been reinforced after leaving Kherson city with intact combat potential to intercept, then the Kyiv side will have to face the prospect of heavy losses.

“The withdrawal from Kherson not only means that General Surovikin now has only stronger defenses, but it is especially important to emphasize that 20,000 of his most experienced soldiers have returned.”

“How this group of troops is deployed will be very important. A wise commander would probably let them rest and re-engage as a mobile reserve, ready to repel any attack. of Ukraine,” wrote the NI journalist.

At the same time, it is not excluded that many of the Russian troops withdrawn from the city of Kherson can be sent to the Donbas, where the Russian Army is developing offensive operations again.

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