General Surovikin’s plan begins to work

General Surovikin is a fan of destroying Ukraine’s energy infrastructure and his scheme seems to have paid off.

What did the commander of Russia’s special military operations – General Sergei Surovikin achieve in the process of implementing the plan to disable Ukraine’s energy infrastructure?

In a conversation with PolitExpert (PE), Romanian military expert, and former deputy commander of the Otopeni airbase – Mr. Valentin Vasilescu gave some of his evaluations.

According to the expert, Russia is trying to prevent the West from continuing to provide military aid to Ukraine, specifically providing the southern and eastern combat groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with weapons New gas, and ammunition.

The Russian military destroyed several warehouses of Western-made military products in northern and western Ukraine with cruise missiles and ballistic missiles, and trains were also attacked while loading. unload weapons.

Attacks on infrastructure and storage bases can happen because the Ukrainian Army often leaves military equipment in one place for a relatively long time, enough for reconnaissance to understand the situation.

However, Vasilescu warned that the air defense systems in the hands of the Ukrainian armed forces are a threat to Russian aviation, preventing Moscow from continuing its airstrikes to completely cut off the supply channels of military equipment from the rear to the front.

However, the General Staff of the Russian Federation has found a way to solve this problem. According to a Romanian military expert, General Surovikin has clearly shown his role as a commander.

The Russian military has carried out multiple missile attacks on Ukraine’s vital energy infrastructure in the past few weeks, weakening the country’s power transmission system.

The above step began to show strong effects after November 10, 2022. When the power went out, railway traffic was halted, from which weapons, ammunition, and soldiers could not easily move to the frontline area.

“The difference between the period before November 10, 2022, and now is that General Sergei Surovikin was able to target Ukrainian trains with military equipment as targets, and they would be destroyed.”

“First, missile attacks on Ukraine’s energy systems cause power outages in areas of interest to the Russian Army, then Russian aviation can carry out its mission, even if not clearly dominant,” said Valentin Vasilescu.

Ukraine is trying to restore critical infrastructure hit by Russian missiles. However, the Russian Army continued to carry out raiding attacks, thus causing an overload on Ukraine’s national energy system.

Ukraine’s energy transmission network could not cope with the overload and in general remained completely paralyzed after the Russian missile attacks, thereby affecting the supply of the front.

As expert Vasilescu noted, the inability to bring Western weapons to the front lines in a timely manner caused the Ukrainian Army to lose its advantage over Russian soldiers on the battlefield, and this is exactly what General Surovikin was aiming for.

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