Russian Tornado-S rockets destroy targets with sniper accuracy

Russia’s Tornado-S rocket artillery has demonstrated terrifying power in the military operation in Ukraine with “absolute level” accuracy.

Multiple rocket launchers (MLRS) play an important role in Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine. The Russian military is using systems like Grad, Uragan, and Tornado-S for fire support.

Of course, the latest generation Tornado-S systems cannot hit the target without human intervention. However, they are still highly appreciated for their impressive features no less than the American HIMARS.

For range and accuracy, these MLRS systems are rated second only to the Iskander-M. The Russian Ministry of Defense has shown how the Tornado-S accurately hits enemy positions at a distance of more than 100 km.

“The combat crew of the Tornado-S complex secretly approached the missile launch site. Calculating and entering the necessary coordinates. Literally, within a minute, the weapon system was ready to fire.”

“At the target position at a distance of 105 km, several 300 mm caliber missiles were launched to destroy them and these shells were guided through satellite navigation algorithms.”

After firing, the vehicle carried the self-propelled launcher quickly and left, and it took less than 1 minute to compact the weapon. The automatic fire control system and the guided warhead turned the rocket launcher into a long-range and high-precision weapon.

Such a fast deployment and withdrawal speed is necessary so that the Tornado-S combat crew does not fall under the fire of the Ukrainian armed forces, especially when the enemy has long been on the hunt for such systems. Russia’s newest salvo rocket.

With the help of drones and other reconnaissance vehicles, the Ukrainian Army is trying to track the trajectory of Tornado-S and launch a pre-emptive strike on them.

According to the Russian soldiers, the area where Tornado-S complexes hit enemy positions is often subjected to increased fire from rockets and artillery, a process that can take up to more than an hour.

According to the assessment of many Russian military experts, it is quite understandable that the enemy is afraid of Tornado-S. The complex is capable of launching 12 missiles in a short time, the damaged area covers an area equivalent to 12 football fields.

In addition, thanks to the satellite navigation system, each projectile is capable of destroying a specific target, not just “plowing” a certain large area.

It is almost impossible to distinguish the Tornado-S from its “big brother” – the MLRS BM-30 Smerch complex when both use the same chassis with 12 rocket launchers. The main difference is the presence of an additional cabin behind the cockpit.

There, the surveyor will calculate the control of targeting and launching missiles. The complex is designed to destroy armored vehicles, deep command posts, anti-aircraft batteries, bunkers, and other valuable objects.

Thanks to the guidance system, a salvo of Tornado-S rounds can cover multiple enemy positions on the front line of defense, attack troop concentrations and equipment on the second line of defense, and destroy ammunition storage in the back.

The terrain reference system allows the Tornado-S multiple-launch rocket system to operate independently without having to receive data from a higher command post.

Russian military officials even assert that their Tornado-S complexes are superior when placed next to the US-made M142 HIMARS, which is currently present in the combat component of the Ukrainian Army.

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