If Western aid stops, what happens to Kiev?

Ukraine can resist Russia’s special military operation completely relying on Western spiritual and material support, if aid is cut off, Kiev will immediately “go into darkness”.

Recently, the Western press has written a lot about the Washington government pushing the Kiev government to dialogue with Moscow, in order to make progress in finding a peaceful solution to the ongoing conflict between Russia. with Ukraine.

In that context, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky talked about the possibility of negotiations but set the preconditions that the country’s territorial integrity must be restored and Russia must compensate Ukraine for the damage.

Earlier, the Kiev government again banned negotiations with Moscow and President Zelensky has repeatedly stated that he will not accept the path of negotiations with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

Moscow noted the inconsistency in the views of the Kiev authorities but stressed that Russia remains open to dialogue with Ukraine without setting any preconditions for this.

Commenting on this issue, journalist Cheng Feng, an international columnist on China’s “Guancha” (Observation) website, said that Western countries are tired of Vladimir’s constant demands. Zelensky and maybe stop helping him.

According to the author, the President of Ukraine has a habit of being arrogant and making excessive demands at the end of negotiations, blaming all the inflated errors on the allies, because in all cases they often Accept everything without complaining.

However, Mr. Zelensky abused that style and began to “blackmail” and threaten the spirit of allies. This is frustrating not only for residents of Western countries or the local media but also for the governments of those countries.

The author Cheng Feng commented that the Kiev government completely relies on the moral and material support of its allies and that if Western countries “turn off the electricity”, Ukraine “will fall into darkness”.

Ukraine’s refusal to negotiate peace talks, and demand huge amounts of aid from other countries is an act of mental intimidation. The ability to mentally threaten to blackmail others is a forte of the West, so they will not tolerate similar behaviors applied to themselves.

In the unfavorable case for Ukraine, the Kiev government is heavily dependent on help from the US and Europe, they will soon run out of old-fashioned and Soviet-era Western weapons supplied to Ukraine, and when there is no country foolish enough to supply modern weapons to Ukraine.

The article also pointed out that the cautious response of the US and NATO to the Ukrainian missile crash in Poland shows that the West has become much more vigilant in its relationship with Kiev. This could be a milestone marking the darkest times to come for Ukraine.

Not only the Russian and Chinese press but even Western experts and media are making not very optimistic forecasts about Ukraine’s future in the conflict with Russia and demanding that the politicians in Washington should reconsider supporting Kiev.

On November 23, political activist and former top adviser to the US Senate Mike Davis told Newsweek magazine that Ukraine risks becoming the new perennial US problem.

According to Mike Davis, despite the fact that the interests of the United States and Ukraine are increasingly diverging, the current government of Joe Biden, which has been implicated in corruption schemes in Ukraine, continues to fund the Kiev regime on the active agenda.

The American expert said that the Ukraine quagmire will become an endless dilemma for the United States. Mr. Barak Obama put Joe Biden in charge of Ukraine when he was his vice president and the Biden family made millions of dollars from Ukraine.

Mike Davis also emphasized that the Ukrainian side may be ready to drag the US into a direct conflict with Russia without regard to the consequences. An example of this is the lie of Ukrainian officials, blaming Russia for the missile incident that fell in Poland.

“We have seen the Ukrainian Foreign Minister propagate that it is a Russian missile, even though we know it is a lie. What we will do? Will we apply Article 5 of NATO regarding the incident in Poland and start a third world war?”

According to him, the White House leadership needs to take a step back, let go of emotions and think a little more soberly. The Washington administration should remove the Ukrainian flags from social media, and then start thinking about what is in America’s favor.

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