Ukraine discovered the secret inside the Russian stealth missile

An unexploded Russian strategic stealth cruise missile crashed in the Lviv region and fell into the hands of the Ukrainian Army.

Residents living in the Lviv region of Ukraine (near the Polish border) found a Russian strategic cruise missile when it hit the ground and did not explode, in fact, its damage was quite small.

On the surface, this assault shell looks like a cruise missile of the “Kh” family but is it the old Kh-55, the advanced Kh-101, or any other missile? has not yet been clearly announced.

Based on the rare image obtained, we can see that the mysterious cruise missile is in fact not too badly damaged and can be exploited to find out the secret inside.

Although there was minor damage to the fuselage and tail section, and one of the wings was broken (the second one was damaged), it is clear that the warhead, controls, and in-flight navigation equipment were not major damaged.

The exact area in the Lviv region where the “Kh” family cruise missile crashed is not specified. Even so, the fact that the Ukrainian Army already possesses a Russian strategic missile is clearly a matter of concern for Moscow.

The reason is that this missile will almost certainly be handed over as soon as possible to military experts from NATO to exploit the secrets and specific tactical features of the projectile.

The media added, judging by the image that entered the lens, the above photo was taken not more than a week ago, because by that time the first snow of the season had begun to fall in the Lviv region.

In the event that the dropped bullet is a Kh-101 cruise missile, this will be a huge problem for Russia, because this is Moscow’s latest offensive weapon, containing a lot of secret and extreme technology advanced period.

But besides that, most of the opinions say that this is just an old Kh-55 cruise missile because the damaged base does not seem to explode because of the lack of a warhead, which is consistent with the information. Russia fired several Kh-55 projectiles into Ukraine with detonators.

The Kh-55 missile is not too strange for Ukraine because it has been around since the early 1980s and Kyiv is also capable of producing this type of offensive ammunition, which means it is no secret that they need to be further exploited.

Kh-55 cruise missile is designed to be launched from strategic bombers of the Russian Air Force. This weapon was a nightmare for the US during the Cold War years because it was capable of carrying tactical nuclear warheads.

Kh-55 is equipped with a navigation system that combines inertial flight mode, combining terrain radar and target image loaded into the shell’s memory. This missile can hit the target with a maximum error of 6 – 9 meters from a distance of 3,000 km.

Currently, the Kh-55 cruise missile, although very old, still plays the main role of the strategic bomber Tu-160 and Tu-95MS of the Russian Air Force, when the Kh-101 ammunition is expensive. (priced at $13 million) was made in limited numbers only.

But it should also be noted, although the missile is old, it does not rule out the possibility that Russia has upgraded this type of attack ammunition by modernizing the navigation system, if so it still has certain exploitation value.

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