US military installation in Syria is attacked with missiles

In northeastern Syria, a US patrol base came under missile attack.

On November 25, a missile attack targeted a US military patrol base in the al-Shaddadi region of northeastern Syria.

The incident was confirmed by US defence officials in the Middle East, who also stated that at least two missiles were fired at the base. No lives were lost as a result of the attack.

The bases of US military in Syria have recently been the target of many attacks. Earlier, on the evening of October 20, missiles also struck the US At-Tanf base.

Since 2014, the US and its allies have been engaged in a military campaign in Syria, aiding the opposition and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) (SDF). President Bashar al-administration Assad’s in Syria has opposed the campaign. Earlier this month, President al-Assad referred to US and Turkish forces as “illegal foreign forces,” and demanded that they leave Syrian soil.

Nine US bases have been created in eastern and northeastern Syria since 2015, four of which are close to oil fields in the province of Deir Ez-Zor and five in the adjoining province of Al-Hasakah.

At the end of 2019, former US President Donald Trump gave his approval to a plan that would keep hundreds of US troops in Syria, with one of their key responsibilities being to maintain control over the area’s oil reserves. Approximately 900 US soldiers are now deployed in Syria.

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