Russia destroyed more than 100 HIMARS missiles, and 7,000 artillery shells in Ukraine

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on November 27 that Russia had erased the ammunition depot containing more than 100 HIMARS missiles and 7,000 foreign artillery shells supplied to Ukraine.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on November 27 that the Russian Army forces in the Dnepropetrovsk region during the day destroyed a large ammunition depot of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), including a variety of heavy artillery shells very important role in fire support.

“In the area of ​​​​the city of Dnepropetrovsk, destroyed an ammunition depot containing more than 100 rockets of the M142 HIMARS guided multiple launch rocket system and more than 7,000 large-caliber artillery shells of foreign production” – a war notice stated by the Russian military agency.

Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, the representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, added that in the Donbas war zone, the attack of Russian aerospace forces also hit a garrison of Ukrainian mercenaries in the war zone. Chasov Yar residential area, Donetsk region.

The result of a high-precision weapon strike hit the temporary deployment points of the “Foreign Legion” fighters, eliminating up to 100 mercenaries from the ring and destroying 6 armored vehicles.

In the direction of Krasnyi Lyman, in the Stelmahovka and Ploschanka regions of the Lugansk region, Russian groups foiled Ukrainian offensive efforts with two company-level tactical groups.

Accordingly, the offensive attempts of the Ukrainian army with the forces of two company-level combat groups in the direction of Kolomyychikha and Ploschanka were blocked. The losses of Ukrainian troops on the Lugansk front on November 27, 2022, amounted to 80 dead and wounded soldiers.

In the direction of Kupiansk, Russian artillery fire hit the areas of concentration of troops of the Ukrainian army, removed 30 Ukrainian soldiers from the combat ring, and burned 2 military pickup trucks, preventing the enemy’s attack the direction in the direction of the Novoselovskoye residential area of ​​Lugansk.

The superior artillery fire of Russia caused the Ukrainian units to be scattered and pushed back to the starting position with heavy losses, more than 50 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and wounded; 3 armored vehicles and 4 special vehicles were destroyed.

In the context of fiercely continuing hostilities, the Western media has published information that the Kiev authorities are very concerned about, as Ukraine may face many difficulties due to the supply of weapons.

According to information by journalists Stephen Erlanger and Lara Jakes in The New York Times, two-thirds of NATO member countries have completely exhausted their stockpile of weapons that they can transfer within the framework of support to Kiev.

Accordingly, the crisis in Ukraine surpasses all regional conflicts that have taken place in recent years. Under those conditions, NATO was not prepared to spend such a large sum on ammunition.

Analysts said that in the context that the weapons stockpiles of two-thirds of NATO members are really depleted, the remaining 10 countries can increase the supply volume, for example, the US, France, and Germany. and Italy could provide more for a while.

In addition, to compensate for the daily munitions consumed by the Ukrainian armed forces, NATO can arrange the production of 122 mm and 152 mm artillery shells in Eastern Europe. However, not many countries still maintain production lines in a state of readiness to restart.

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