The Ukrainian army is preparing a massive assault on Svatovo with specialised weapons.

A special weapon is likely to be unleashed by the Ukrainian Army in the battle to capture the city of Svatovo.

Possibly planning a significant assault on the city of Svatovo is the Ukrainian Army Command. The most elite units and numerous heavy combat vehicles, according to sources, are being gathered. For instance, the Ukrainian Army deployed the entire battalions of the 27th Artillery Brigade, the 81st Tank Brigade, and the 17th Tank Brigade outside of Statovo. The Ukrainian command may have desired to launch an assault south and north of Svatovo in order to drive the Russians from the right bank of the Krasnaya River, along the Kremennaya – Kranorechenskoye – Svatovo – Lower Duvanka – Upper Duvanka line, farther along the Lugansk border, close to the Belgorod region.

This is indirectly confirmed by the fact that drones are actively being used for reconnaissance to scour the Russian Army’s defences along the established lines of communication. Despite daily setbacks, the Ukrainian armed forces continue to attempt to conduct offensive operations with numerous units and varying numbers and levels of combat vehicle mobilization. The village of Kuzemovka, which is situated about 30 kilometres northwest of the city of Svatovo, was the target of a sixth attempt by Ukrainian soldiers between November 25, 2022, and November 27, 2022.

The Ukrainian command is currently concentrating more personnel and resources on the intended breakout spot in an effort to overwhelm the Russian Army’s fortifications with a superior strike force. In addition, the Russian side claims that a sizeable portion of them are ex-soldiers who are now “volunteers” from nations like Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, and Romania. The Russian press reported that the Russian Army’s Air Reconnaissance Force was in action and discovered the enemy’s troop concentration and heavy weaponry area prior to the intended attack.

There is a field camp and an arsenal in the Kharkiv region’s Velikie Khutara settlement. The region was the target of a potent missile attack. About 200 enemy soldiers, according to the Russian side, were killed or severely injured. Additionally, a sizable amount of tools and weapons were destroyed. The next point worth mentioning is that many experts believe Ukraine will initiate the fight for Statovo by launching the US-supported Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano propeller fighter first. Ukrainian pilots are reportedly prepared to use the aforementioned special aircraft when they have finished their full training in the US. The aforementioned Super Tucano aircraft was originally owned by the Afghan Air Force.

The role of these EMB-314s is also worth mentioning; in addition to providing ground fire support, it is anticipated that they will be used to find the Russian Army’s Shahed-136 suicide UAVs. Super Tucano proves to be incredibly suitable in both the role of “interceptor” and offensive attack, despite its slow speed, having a very low cost of exploitation, carrying a variety of advanced guided weapons, and having a wide range of weapons. This might be Ukraine’s “game-changing weapon” on the ground.

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