The Russian Air Force received upgraded Tu-22M3M bombers amid the hot situation

The upgraded Tu-22M3M bomber has been handed over to the Russian Air Force amid signs of an imminent missile attack on Ukraine.

The Russian Air Force has just received an upgraded Tu-22M3M bomber, the aircraft has passed all the necessary tests and arrived at the place of permanent deployment, ready for combat duty.

Tupolev Joint Stock Company (a member of the United Aircraft Corporation – UAC) announced that, within the framework of a state defense order, it has delivered a Tu-22M3M long-range bomber to Russia. Russian Air Force after modernization.

The aircraft was overhauled and upgraded at the Kazan Aviation Plant, after which the bomber successfully passed all ground and sky tests at the flight test station.

After signing the acceptance record, the pilot of the strategic bomber made a traditional flight through the sky of the factory to greet the staff and employees and proceed to the deployment site regularly.

“The necessary maintenance work has been carried out on the aircraft, the handover and acceptance tests have been fully completed. Currently, the aforementioned Tu-22M3M bomber has been handed over to the combat unit. fight”, the representative of UAC clarified.

Tu-22M3/M3M supersonic bombers are actively used by the Russian Air Force within the framework of the special military operation in Ukraine, it often launches Kh-22/32 cruise missiles at land targets, even if this is anti-ship ammunition.

Tu-22M3M along with Tu-160M/M2 and Tu-95MSM are a trio of new-generation strategic bombers of the Russian Air Force, they are modernized based on old versions that have been in continuous service for decades.

Unlike the completely new “White Swan” Tu-160M2, the Tu-22M3M has only undergone major overhauls to prolong its operation time, but it is still capable of operating well for decades in the sky.

Tu-22M3M is equipped with NK-32.02 engine, this is also the type for Tu-160M2 strategic bomber, it has higher performance than the NK-25 currently in use, and a greatly expanded operating range.

The most notable detail of the Tu-22M3M is that it added a refueling rod in front of the nose that increases the range, this device was removed from the Tu-22M3 because of the treaty limiting short-range offensive weapons signed with the US.

Thanks to the need for aerial refueling, the Tu-22M3M can perform attacks on targets deep in enemy territory instead of the current role of a naval bomber specializing in destroying aircraft carriers.

In addition, the Tu-22M3M long-range bomber is also integrated with a completely new avionics system based on modern digital technology, replacing outdated semiconductor devices from the Soviet era.

The aircraft will have an advanced control system integrated with artificial intelligence through an extremely sophisticated computer complex, which is considered a remarkable improvement between the Tu-22M3M compared to competitors from the other side ocean.

Comes with a completely new “brain” and “heart”, the “armor” of the Tu-22M3M must also match, this bomber carries Russia’s most advanced active defense systems today.

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