Russia is concerned that Turkey provides Ukraine with large-scale rocket artillery T-300 Kasirga

The large T-300 Kasirga rocket artillery supplied by Turkey to Ukraine is a prospect that is causing concern to Russia.

The Turkish-made T-300 Kasirga large-caliber jet cannon can help the Ukrainian Army launch precise attacks from a distance of up to 180 km with very high accuracy, this is clearly an extremely powerful weapon scary period.

Recently, the international media has stirred up when witnessing images showing the Ukrainian Army for the first time using the Turkish-made TRLG-230 guided rocket artillery, this weapon has a range of 70 km and is only misleading about 5 m, which is the US equivalent of HIMARS.

In addition to TRLG-230, Turkey also provides Ukraine with a number of popular 122 mm multiple rocket launchers, which are the T-122 Sakarya type, which is essentially an upgrade based on the floating BM-21 Grad Soviet language.

But things do not end here, Ukrainian military sources said that the T-300 Kasirga large rocket artillery system will be the next weapon that Turkey provides aid to this country’s army. possibly as early as December 2022.

Developed by Turkish defense industry giant Rockets, the T-300 Kasirga system is essentially a modification of the Chinese WS-1B prototype.

The system consists of four 302 mm rocket launchers placed on the MAN 6×6 off-road truck chassis. Its combat objects are military buildings, warehouses, and yards, the concentration of troops located deep in the enemy’s control area.

Components of the T-300 Kasirga multiple launch rocket system similar to the WS-1B include 1 command vehicle, about 6-9 self-propelled launchers carrying 4 rockets, and a similar number of loader vehicles.

The command vehicle is equipped with a data communication system that comes with a fire control computer and a ballistic simulation calculation system, which allows firing very quickly after receiving reconnaissance data.

In addition, it is a device that uses a global positioning system, a meteorological observation device, and many other complex components, to ensure the accurate firing ability of this large rocket system.

The T-300 Kasirga system can use two types of ammunition similar to the original WS-1B: that is ZDB-2 specializes in infantry damage with shrapnel and steel balls, while SZB-1 bullets are specialized against tanks.

Missile shells of the T-300 Kasirga complex have a diameter of 302 mm; length of 6.37 m; launch weight of 708 kg; a range of 60 – 180 km; flight ceiling of 60,000 m; carry a warhead weighing 150 kg; Mach 5.2 speed.

For the initial ammunition, the error circle (CEP) was very large up to 600 m, but then the corrected ammunition using the GPS reference mechanism of the global positioning system, the CEP was less than 10 m.

In addition to the T-300 Kasiga, the Turkish defense industry has also released an upgraded variant that is the TRG-300 guided rocket system capable of firing missiles with outstanding accuracy.

If Turkey provides the aforementioned weapons to Ukraine, Kyiv may temporarily not need to ask the US to transfer to them the MGM-140 ATACMS tactical ballistic missiles, when the TRG-300 proves to be equally effective.

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