Russia obtained a number of Su-35 fighter jets despite the embargo by the West.

Despite Western embargoes that were designed to destroy Russia’s military sector, Russia has received the Su-35 fighter, the latest delivery for the Russian Air Force after the Su-30SM2 and Su-34.

The Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) have received a batch of Su-35 Flanker-E generation 4++, information was announced on December 3, 2022, by a representative of the manufacturer Corporation of Vietnam. create unified aircraft (UAC).

The UAC said that the Kremlin has appointed a Government Coordination Council to oversee the assigned plans and ensure that businesses comply with production deadlines. This structure also oversees the delivery of fighter aircraft to the VKS.

Through a statement from General Manager Yuri Slyusar, UAC confirmed, that their production facilities in the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur (in the Far East) are operating at full capacity, and they will strive to complete government orders on time.

Mr. Slyusar’s words should be taken seriously, as VKS continuously receives many types of advanced combat aircraft from UAC. Just a week ago, on November 21, 2022, the UAC announced the delivery of a batch of Su-30SM2 fighters and Yak-130 light attack training and training aircraft.

A few days later, the company announced that after the delivery, the production line of the Su-30S2 fighter became busy again and the fighter line is now being put on the mass assembly line again.

Earlier on November 17, 2022, the Russian Defense Ministry also received new fighter jets. Specifically, a batch of upgraded Su-34M front-line bombers left the Novosibirsk factory and was immediately put into service with the Russian Air Force.

Thus, in just 30 days, the Russian Aerospace Forces delivered by the manufacturer three different types of advanced combat aircraft, helping VKS significantly increase its strength.

In the middle of last month, Moscow announced that it was expanding the production capacity of the military aircraft industry. The news is mainly related to the production of the fifth-generation Su-57 Felon stealth fighter.

New manufacturing techniques and process automation have been designed to speed up assembly. Construction of the new manufacturing plant also began in August 2022 on an avionics test facility.

The UAC’s continuous handover of advanced fighter jets to the VKS also shows that the Western perception that sanctions will prevent Russia from continuing to produce high-tech weapons is inaccurate.

It is undeniable that Russia has difficulty in importing electronic circuit boards or high-speed processing chips from the West, but it is possible that before the conflict broke out, Moscow had stocked up enough to continue manufacturing.

However, the problem that needs to be mentioned is that Russia not only continues to produce “successful” combat vehicles, but they also continuously release improved versions, which is what makes the US and NATO find it difficult to explain.

The additional fighters will help the Russian Air Force compensate for a large amount of damage on the Ukrainian battlefield in the past, and help them better ensure air superiority.

Another issue that needs to be mentioned is that aviation factories in Russia can now focus all their efforts on domestic demand, because they have almost no international orders due to the US CAATSA Act.

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