Ukraine ‘caught’ Russia’s most advanced T-90M tank

Ukrainian soldiers have just captured one of Russia’s most advanced tanks, the T-90M, on the eastern front of Ukraine.

A video shared on social media this week shows Ukrainian soldiers standing next to a captured Russian T-90M tank. This is one of the latest and most advanced Russian equipment to be deployed in Ukraine.

The video shows Ukrainian soldiers wearing full combat gear and holding guns, standing in front of a Russian tank, and raising their fists to signify victory.

The video was shared on Telegram by the English-language war-watching account Ukraine Weapons Tracker and then retweeted on Twitter, which was filmed on the Eastern Ukrainian front. It was only a few seconds long but showed that Russian forces were still losing advanced equipment as they were forced to retreat from areas they once controlled because of a fierce Ukrainian counterattack.

“Another example of the most advanced Russian tank deployed in Ukraine, the T-90M, was captured by the Ukrainian army in the East,” said Ukraine Weapons Tracker.

The T-90M is one of the most advanced and modern Russian tanks. The first version was released to the public in 2017, with several major improvements over the original T-90 tank.

Upgraded version with improved armor protection, using Relikt explosive reactive armor.

The T-90M also has rubber side panels fitted with armor plates and a tank countermeasure system that activates the smoke grenade launcher when targeted by a laser beam.

The deployment of the T-90M may suggest that Russian forces are finally deploying the advanced weapons remaining in their stockpile in a last-ditch effort to regain the lost advantage over counterattacks. of Ukraine in the second half of this year.

Russia had previously mainly deployed obsolete tanks last used in the mid-20th century to Ukraine. Many of these tanks are not upgraded or equipped with modern armor and protection equipment.

Videos released in September show old Soviet tanks being taken out of storage and transported by train to Ukraine.

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