Why did Russia suddenly transfer 15 Tor-M2U air defense systems to Belarus?

Moscow has unexpectedly dispatched 15 Tor-M2U air defense systems to Belarus, Russian media say, the deployment of these anti-aircraft missiles is aimed at preventing drones and even rockets HIMARS may have come from Ukraine. 

Russian site Avia has just reported that Moscow has sent a train carrying 15 Tor-M2U air defense complexes to Belarus.

“At 14:04 on November 25, 2022, the Russian military train No. 961 arrived at Lesnaya station (Brest branch of Belarusian Railways), on board the train carrying at least 15 Tor-M2U air defense complexes,” added Belarusian Railway Workers Co. reported on Telegram channel.

According to Russian media, the deployment of Tor-M2U complexes to the Belarus-Ukraine border is said to be in response to drones and even rockets of HIMARS cannons that may come from Ukraine.

At the special military campaign launched by Moscow against Kiev, the Tor-M2U air defense system was one of the weapons mobilized by Russia with high intensity to protect and fight the Ukrainian air force.

Tor-M1 is a low-altitude defense system developed by the Soviet Union and put into service in 1986. Then Russia launched variants such as Tor-M2, Tor-M2KM, and the latest Tor-M2U. This is considered one of the best low-range defense systems in the world.

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