Can the Bakhmut Front collapse as a result of the American officer’s mistake?

Despite American support, the Russian side claims that the Ukrainian Army may soon lose the Bakhmut front.

The situation on the Bakhmut front (Artemovsk) for the Ukrainian armed forces continues to be challenging, and attempts to ameliorate it with the aid of foreign mercenaries have not yet been successful. Additionally, the US military advisor’s planning of the Ukrainian Army’s operations in this region led to even greater losses. Now, the disintegration of the front in this direction can also be attributed to American officers.

According to reports in the Russian media, at the end of November 2022, Ukrainian combat units responsible for defending Bakhmut and its environs suffered significant casualties as a result of the onslaught by fighters from the Private Military (PMC) Wagner organisation.

Even more casualties were suffered during counterattacks by Ukrainian servicemen from the 58th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, the 54th Mechanized Brigade, and the 71st Jaeger Brigade against Wagner mercenaries’ strongholds. The Russian media also stated that it was discovered that members of the American Mozart PMC, a mercenary organisation similar to Wagner, who had been stationed close to Bakhmut to “against PMC Wagner of Russia,” were responsible for carrying out the attack plan in this direction.

Reservists from the Kherson area were dispatched along with American mercenaries to this region. In general, the mission was prepared by the Americans, and the Ukrainian armed forces’ attack resulted in total failure. The Russian website Reporter claims that 75 mercenaries from the private military organisation Mozart were killed and numerous more suffered various degrees of wounds during combat with Wagner soldiers. 95 members of the Ukrainian military from the 13th, 15th, and 16th motorised infantry battalions of the 58th Brigade as well as numerous combatants from the 46th shock battalion “Donbass” reportedly died in the conflict, according to various sources.

The defeat didn’t end there; when the Ukrainian Army withdrew, Russian artillery used drones to identify the enemy formation and launch a ferocious onslaught that resulted in additional casualties. Between 150 and 250 men were lost in total by the Ukrainian armed forces during the planned American operation, which is quite remarkable given that Kyiv has lost much more since the month’s beginning11/2022.

According to Russian media, American military advisers misjudged the situation near Bakhmut and employed Ukrainian soldiers inadvertently because they were unaware of their combat prowess. The Ukrainian armed forces’ front in this direction could quickly collapse if the aforementioned situation continues and is not fixed in the near future. American officers will undoubtedly share some of the blame for this.

❗The fact that this intelligence was provided by the Russian side must be highlighted, as there is no proof that American mercenaries took part in the conflict or that American officers were responsible for the attack’s planning. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry claims that its defensive forces are still in place, thwarting many Russian assaults and doing “irreparable” harm to the adversary.

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